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  1. This is Kieron Gillen’s (Phonogram writer) guest appearance, which i’m excited about. Everything I’ve read by him is different (and good); so, I’m excited to see how this reads.

  2. I’ve loved the NewUniversal story so far, I’m in.

  3. @Kimbo – I’m liking this second arc better than the first, for sure. Perhaps i’m settling into the universe a little (and getting used to the artwork). It definitely feels like it’s progressing more agressively.

  4. @branjo– absolutely, this second one is definately better than the first, that first one was like a 6 issue long first act/  I used to buy the New Universe titles when they first came out so seeing Ellis make sense out of that junk is a lot of fun for me.  Any drama involving Knickers Inc. is a miracle.

  5. so would you recommend the trade of the original NU run? Is it essential reading? Sometimes I do feel like I’m missing something; but, that could be Elliss treating me like an intelligent reader…

  6. I didn’t even know they made those in trades.  You mean the original runs from the mid 80’s right?  Well I scoured the 50 cent bins to get my copies so…if that tells you anything lol.

  7. @ branjo

    I’ve been reading Ellis’ series without any knowledge of the 80s title and I’m enjoying it just fine.

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