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Price: $9.99
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  1. I’d spend ten bucks on this

  2. Ummm, never heard of it, but interested!

  3. Hay, Brian Wood is writing it. I love his work in DMZ and Supermarket. I should check it out.

  4. Ordered it in my store when I saw the cover in previews. So excited…

  5. I don’t usually buy trades on impulse — but the cover, and Brian Wood, and the high quality of the Minx line so far got me to pick this up.

  6. Brian Wood has this magic he works with his female characters… and while this magic works well here, the plot seemed to get a little lost.  Ryan Kelly’s art is perfect.

    This just sorta ended, it didn’t really finish, it just stopped.  Had this been the second series of this, it would probably have worked out a little better, but as the first chapter it just kinda landed with a thud rather than wowed me.  It’s not bad, it just seemed kinda incomplete.  Again, great characterization, great art…  just kinda didn’t know where it was going.

  7. @JD – I thought it ended on a pretty good cliffhanger.

  8. I read it, is wasn’t too bad.

    @ohcaroline: it’s not really a trade, it a graphic novel. and it was a pretty good deal. 10.00 for like 170 pages.

    the art was nice, and i did have a bit of a connection with the main character. so i enjoyed the book, though i not sure how others will think. It’s no DMZ, but it still pretty good. 

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