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  1. I’m really diggin’ this series right now. It’s finally seeming to hit it’s stride, but it needs some big league villains to add some legitimacy to the team. Hopefully that’s what we’ll get this issue. 

  2. i dont know the last few issues have been rather boring. "we are a team and i feel closer to you guys then ever" i was thinking that if there was one more issue of family bonding i would drop the book.  but this one was a little bit difrent and im wonderg where it is headed from here.

  3. when i first saw this cover, it kind of reminded me of Michael Turner’s Teen Titans cover a few years back.

  4. I dropped this book like the bad habit it is

  5. I read 3 pages and promptly made up my mind to drop this title. Feels like work.

  6. I’m done with this series.  It had potential but they seem to be merely focusing on Thrasher this whole time.

    Also can they put Jubilee back into the costume she had at the beginning of the series?  That one was interesting, but ever since it was revealed who she was, she’s in this less concealing one. 

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