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Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%


  1. That cover is atrocious. 

  2. The non-Medina art in this book has looked like it was published in 1994.

  3. If there was a comic "death pool" I would put my money on this one. I liked the first arc a lot, but now it just seems this comic has lost its way. Too many things going on. Instead of telling 2 stories in a medicore fashion, they should focus on one and make it great.

    BTW, am I an idiot for buying this title just because I have a run going? N/M I know the answer…. yes!

  4. I find it hard to break a run, too.  I have the complete run of New Warriors (vol. 1) as a result!

  5. This book is trying so hard to be good but just falling a bit short.  There are so many things in here that intrigue me and keep me reading but they take too long to develop the stories.  The "Thrashed" story is already 2 parts too long and there is still one to go.  I hope the stuff with Tony and the upcoming Secret Invasion tie in solidifies the story better.

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