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What is Illyana Rasputin up to? In NEW MUTANTS #1, she returned from who knows where with knowledge that she says is from the future. A future where things aren’t going well for the X-Men. Emma Frost is not going to settle for this question being unanswered.

WRITER: Zeb Wells
PENCILS: Paul Davidson
COLORED BY: Christina Strain
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Adam Kubert

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Jumping on here… scared to death about it after hearing the general opinion…

  2. @Slockhart – This book has been phenominal for the past few issues, especially if you’re a NEW MUTANTS fan from the Claremont days. 

    I’ve loved what’s been done with Magik, from NEW X-MEN, to X-INFERNUS, to this series.

  3. Hmmm, yeah, my background with these characters is basically I had a Cannonball figure as a kid, and I -think- he’s in this book, and I’m pretty sure the girl on the cover is Colossus’s sister that he saved from the machinery.

  4. fuck it, close enough

  5. I found last issue atrocious, because it was just an extended fight scene to fill a crossover quota, but Wells seems to kinda have the characterizations down. I didn’t read this before Necrosha, and thought issues 7 and 8 were okay, so I’ll give this one more issue to hook me for more.

  6. @flapjaxx – yeah it was an extended fight scene, but I had a lot of fun with it.  I’m a huge Magik fan, and the Hellions era in early NEW MUTANTS was one of my favorites.

    You’re dead on, Wells knows these characters and the dynamics between them ring true to the Claremont era.

  7. This issue was pretty meh.  A (low) 3 on my scale.  Gettiing the next issue will depend solely on how big of a week it is next month/if I stick with Siege (March is a tie-in, haven’t read Siege yet, etc.)

  8. Weird art.

  9. AWESOME art. AWESOME issue. Best one yet.


  10. Hmm, according to my pull projections (takes a moment to try not to cry over what I just said) Feb’s issue is coming out on a week where I’ll have only 4 books.  Considering my average is 8-10, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be here next month.

  11. Magik looked so cool in this issue and it sets up enough story line to fill years worth of books.  And as far as the last three issue go any "extended fight scene", any fight scene that gives me Warlock, Cipher, AND the Hellions is more than welcome.

  12. Zeb is rolling, I’m loving this book

  13. The art was nice.
    The writing lacks. It could have been better, so much better. They should have Illyana insist on showing more alterations of the future, after all she did say she saw a few. Both scenes with Doug and Amara made no sense whatsoever. She tells him to leave and then feels sorry? wtf? That rollercoaster technique was poorly executed. Give her time to build up to feeling remorse before just waltzing up to the ex-psycho who almost killed her. Then to top it all off she’s uneasy about Doug getting close and she let’s him get close anyways? … I’m lost.

    The ending was pretty cookie cutter, I’ll give this one more issue before dropping, but solely on the name of what used to be so good about New Mutants.

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