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  1. Man I’m excited.  Zeb Wells killed his ASM arc with Bachalo, and I think he’s a real up and coming writer.  More importantly, it seems like he cares about these characters; the Cypher "translation" of what they were thinking was dead on, and in line with the characterization going back to Claremont

  2. @cutty I’m much more impressed with this arc than I was the first.  Good stuff, especially the necrosha tie-in.

  3. The Kubert bros. are doing amazing covers lately, what happen to them? Loved the last issue of this.

  4. @vadamowens – yeah I agree, that first arc was just setup

  5. Its only my second issue of this series and I’m quite suprised by the freshness of this New Mutant post House of M. Necrosha’s having a good start with Wells.

  6. So wait, this was a necrosha tie-in and not part of a crossover? Goddammit! I don’t care about this book, or the characters. I wish Marvel would have been more clear with they’re advertising of this.

  7. Necrosha is not a crossover.

  8. I wish I would have know that before, then. All the promotional stuff made me think it was.

  9. Not as good as the last issue–felt like a fight scene that moved too fast and didn’t contain much information–but, still, not horrible. I’ll happily buy the next issue.

  10. Loved it

  11. @ flapjaxx  I totally agree.  This issue was lacking, but I’ll definitely check out the next.  The Magma cover for next ish looks awesome.  Wish Kubert was doing interiors.

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