• Final chapter of the arc guest starring BLINK!

• The New Mutants and Blink face off against the Diskhord, the chaos-sowing metal band!

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by David Lopez & Alvaro Lopez
Colors by Val Staples
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Jorge Molina

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I hope these guys stick around.

  2. New Mutants are my all-time favourite marvel team, and I love other work by Abnett and Lanning, but this is by far the worst book I pick up each month.

    • You must be reading amazing books (which at these prices, is the way to do it!). I’ve only been with this book since Regenesis, but it’s been pretty solid. I’m not crazy about the band-stuff, but I like the character interactions.

    • The only character that even seems like themself is Dani, everybody else is wildly out of character, and so far in this run it seems to me like the only way DnA have been able to get into the characters heads has been by using one of the laziest plot devices ever, which is bringing in a shrink to talk to them.

    • I kind of agree with Smutty. I thought when Wells was writing this book, he had a better grasp on who these characters are. I do feel like DnA’s ideas are a lot more interesting and their pacing is better, but they do need to tweak how they write the characters.

    • The “evil rock band” storyline is very Scooby gang.

    • @SMutty and Fett02: Maybe that’s the thing, while I’ve been an X-fan since the early 90s, I don’t have a lot of experience with most of these characters (some of them were pretty much off the grid through the 90s). What do you find out for character?

  3. POTW!! Loved this issue. This is the issue when DnA’s plans all started gelling.

  4. Wow, I started reading this book since I thought Blink would become a regular. Now I’m really considering dropping it. Besides X-Factor, I’d say the other X-Men books all look to be trending down a bit after some really stellar stuff last year.

    • That’s interesting since the general consensus is that the X-books are pretty strong these days (with Wolverine and The X-Men and Uncanny X-Force leading the way, followed by strong books like X-Factor and Uncanny). What else do you not care for now, and what do you think was better last year?

    • For me, Uncanny X-Men was much better before Schism; the split has taken away most of the characters you can relate to.

      I haven’t cared for Wolverine and the X-Men since the art is (in my opinion) hideously awful and hurts my eyes and brain.

      Generation Hope had an OK first issue post-Gillen, but is quickly looking like a bad book.

      X-Men vol. 2 is transitioning right now, but I’m not sure why it’s needed based on this storyline.

      X-Men vol. 3 has been kind of bad from the get go.

      Uncanny X-Force’s last issue wasn’t as good as the several leading up to it.

      New Mutants looked to have promise, but as I said, Blink’s not sticking around, and overall I don’t think there’s enough to stick around for.

      Astonishing X-Men has had 1/2 of a good story since Whedon left (Gage’s) and a ton of garbage. Maybe Liu will turn it around though, she’s pretty solid.

      X-Factor’s been getting better though.

      If there’s more of the X-Men line than that, that’s all I can really speak to.

    • But I do agree; last year was a good year for the X-Titles, hence my reading so many of them. It just feels like that’s starting to fall apart, and I didn’t expect them all to stay good.

    • Wow, I totally disagree.

      W&X-Men Love it!! Best out there!
      X-Men:L Been shaky but the .1 issue was better than it’s been in a LONG time.
      New M: DnA are building a quirky, youthful team that has its own identity and doesn’t feel like the adult X books
      X-F: haven’t loved the recent storyline, but excited about membership shake-up
      X-Men: Dropped
      Unc. X: Dropped
      Gen Hope: Never read
      Unc XFo: LOVE it
      Ast X: arc by arc basis

    • I agree on some counts and disagree on others.
      W&X-Men: It seems silly and the whole premise seems a little forced, but I’m willing to stick with it. (And by stick with it, I mean borrow issues from my friends, because I decided I didn’t need to add another x-book to my pull list).
      X-Men:L Dropped it as soon as Carey left the book, he was the only thing keeping me on, even though the space stuff was not to my taste at all, and seemed to drag on.
      New M: DnA are building a bland, silly team that has its own identity and doesn’t feel like the New Mutants.
      X-F: Dropped it a long, long, long time ago.
      X-Men: I don’t hate it, but I don’t particularly love it either.
      Unc. X: I like the team, but I feel that I actually might be missing Fraction, Gillen doesn’t really do it for me.
      Gen Hope: I dropped it early on, but am considering picking it up again now that the creative team has changed.
      Unc XFo: In my opinion, this is the best book Marvel is putting out right now
      Ast X: This book has been forgettable arc after forgettable arc ever since whedon left, but yeah, I’m a fan of liu and I definitely want to see what she can do with the book.

    • For my money:

      -Wolverine and The X-Men is just too much fun, even outside the pages of the book. The daily Twitter feeds of the various students and teachers have been pretty entertaining. I get that the art isn’t for everyone, but ‘m thoroughly enjoying it.

      -I’ve been on Uncanny since last summer’s .1 issue, and while I’m not really down on the book right now, I think I liked it better pre-Schism. I still like a lot of the characters, but wish the tone was a little more personal. The inconsistent art on this has also made it tough for me to connect (Pacheco’s great, but couldn’t handle the whole first arc, Peterson was just in for the one shot, and while I don’t hate Greg Land, I don’t enjoy his art all that much).

      -New Mutants and Generation Hope were books I’ve been trying-out since Regenesis — neither is bad, but my intertest is waning on both of them. I think they each get another issue or two to hook me.

      -X-Men Legacy: I jumped on for the very end of Carey’s arc and didn’t care for it, but the new team impressed me a lot last week. I thought it was a great companion piece in tone and feel to Wolverine and The X-Men. I’m on board for a while.

      -Uncanny X-Force: I believe everyone who says its great, and I look forward to buying an omnibus of the first 18 issues, but I just don’t want to be buying too many 20-page $3.99 books on principle. If Uncanny X-Men doesn’t start impressing me soon I might switch over.

      -X-Factor, Adjectiveless and Astonishing: Just not interested.

      I wonder if part of the issue (of the quality of the line) is that Schism ended three months ago, but some books are only NOW reflecting the new status quo.

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