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The New Mutants have found X-Man, but in the clutches of Sugar Man! What is Sugar Man doing with Nate? And what is Nate going to do to Sugar Man once the New Mutants get him freed. It’s not every day you get an Omega Level Mutant angry…

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Michael Ryan & Norman Lee
Colors by David Curiel
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Jorge Molina

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. They wrapped up the X-Man story in the last issue, didn’t they?

  2. @nukethewhalesagain

    Marvel usually only posts one solicit for a book a month, even if there are multiple issues coming out.

  3. I would guess this is a Magik and demons story from the cover. Or at least Magik, as the cover artist could be taking liberty with the potential threat.

  4. Interesting, but it feels like DnA are still lining everything up and haven’t really got going yet. Very promising, though…

  5. As someone who only recently started reading New Mutants, I appreciated a nice catchup issue.  It was also nice to finally see Nathan in action, since he was the focal point of the last storyline but spent it mostly strapped to a table.  I was going to drop it for the Fear Itself crossover but I might continue picking it up of DnA are still on it.

  6. DNA rock this series again! This issue was a interlude issue (not really any action), and it was amazing.

    I still miss Guardians of the Galaxy though.

  7. To me, this book and Legacy have just switched places quality wise. As in the book is improving and Legacy is slipping

  8. great breather issue, these r my favorites when done good

  9. Agreed. Damned good issue; could use a few more like these.

  10. Good issue. Why is Magik locked up again?

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