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“The Rise of the New Mutants”

The stunning conclusion of Zeb Wells’ run on New Mutants is here. Everything set in motion from #1 comes around here as the full force of the X-Men is brought down on Project Purgatory. But will it be in time? The full power of the Elder Gods is in the hands of General Ulysses. Will the power of Legion be enough to turn the tide?

Part 2 (of 2).

Story by Zeb Wells
Art by Leonard Kirk & Andrew Currie
Colors by Guru-eFX
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Dave Wilkins

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Think I’ll jump off after this issue.

  2. I’ve really like how Zeb has been handling these characters.  This “Fall of the New Mutants” arc has been really strong.  Curious to see what this title is like during the crossover. 

  3. Long live legion!!!

  4. I was bit confused by this story.  Was there time travel in this that I missed?  I didn’t understand why Cyclops seemed surprised to see Legion when he has been living on Utopia and was used in the fight with Bastion.

  5. @DrColossus  I thought that was weird too.  

  6. It was a little more confusing than it needed to be. I think Zeb needed to tie everything up in a bow and get out the door fast. There was time travel. This whole New Mutants run starts with Magik popping back from the future (where I guess this happened). I think they were surprised to see Legion because he had been locked down in a psychic happy fun time place in the basement of Utopia, essentially catatonic. Then, blip, there he was godlike and saving them all. I would be surprised too.

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