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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! Back in DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN:UTOPIA, Dani Moonstar made a deal with Hela. Now, the mistress of Hel is calling in her marker. With all the Asgardians falling in the Siege of Asgard, someone needs to deal with the dead. And who better to do so than a Valkyrie. But where is Dani supposed to be bringing these dead? Brought to you by a guest creative team of Kieron Gillen (THOR, S.W.O.R.D.) and Niko Henrichon (PRIDE OF BAGHDAD).

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Niko Henrichon
INKS: Sarra Mossoff
COLORED BY: Stan Goldberg
COVER BY: Terry Dodson

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I haven’t read enough New Mutants to see how this could fit into Siege (and the solicit means nothing to me) but so far, the word "shoehorn" is coming to mind.  We’ll see how it plays out.

    Niko Henrichon just did something… right?  I remember him being mentioned recently, but I don’t remember what it was. 

  2. @Slockhart-He did issue #37 of Kyle/Yost New X-menThe Magik prelude), Spider-man Fairy tales #2, Fable #70 and some Machine man story. He also did Some covers.

  3. It is a shoehorn, no doubt, but at least the New Mutants actually have a long history with Asgard. Besides Moonstar and her Valkyrie stuff, Wolfsbane fell in love with a Norse Wolf demigod (the follow-up of which has been in X-force the past year or so), the Enchantress tortured the Darkchilde out of Magik, Cannoball hung out with dwarves, etc. It was all in the New Mutants Special/Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, which has probably been collected somewhere. I recall it being actually fairly good Claremont era stuff.

  4. was one of the New Mutants also stuck in Asgard whilst it crumbled?!?!

  5. Im so happy the New Mutants connection to Asgard is being addressed!   There are so many other angles that they can take with this besides just Dani and Hela. I wish it was more than a single issue.

  6. How is this a shoehorn if they’re using an established plot point from less than a year ago? I think it makes perfect sense.

  7. Gillen and Enrichon did a perfect job. Awesome one-shot.

  8. Oups, Henrichon… sorry.

  9. If you haven’t read original graphic novel that Niko Hernrichon did with Brian K. Vaughn called "Pride of Bagdad" then you should go get it now.  It was published by Vertigo.  The book is poignant (sp?) and gorgeous. 

    As for this issue, I LOVED IT!!  I just reread those New Mutant Asgard issues in the New Mutants Classic Volume 5 trade that just came out.  They’re drawn by Art Adams and worth every penny!! 

    I really enjoyed the cover by Terry Moore too.  I looks a little rougher than his usual style. 

    (I just reread my post and I swear I’m not working for DC or Marvel)

  10. @zattaric- Dodson, I believe you mean.  but yes, it is great!

    story made this an initial 4, but when I reconsidered the Henrichon art, definitely a 5!

  11. So… This was awesome.

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good Norse-god based comic or OGN that isn’t Thor?  I really want to read one now… 

  12. @Slockhart  Scratch two itches, Norse gods and your desire for more X-Men history. 

    Marvel just released X-Men:The Asgardian Wars in Hardcover like a month ago.  It includes the backissues (besides the X-force stuff from last year) that everyone above is talking about plus a couple more.  I just ordered mine.

  13. The Asgardian Saga is definately in my top 5 for all-time x-storylines.  Some phenominal Art Adams art as well

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