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Infinity Part One. Of all of the secrets that are held within the Marvel Universe nothing is more shocking than the one that will be revealed in this brand-new storyline. before S.H.I.E.L.D, before the birth of the super hero, what deep dark secret has Nick Fury held for all of these decades and how has it come back to terrorize everyone?! Series writer Brian Michael Bendis teams up once again with Marvel superstar Mike Deodato for the first time since their chart-busting run on Dark Avengers. And joining them is comics legend Howard Chaykin for Fury flashbacks that will delight and startle you.

Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato & Howard Chaykin
Colors by Rain Beredo & Edgar Delgado
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m gonna jump.

  2. Don’t do it man! It’s just a comic book. I will miss Immonen a lot, though. Guess I need to buy that Fear whosiwhatzit.

  3. This is gonna be ugly

  4. I’m looking forward to being delighted and startled by the Chaykin pages

  5. Wasn’t New Avengers out last fortnight?

  6. Was going to drop but am intrigued by the story premise so I am sticking around for a couple of more issues. Deodato’s art has started to grow on me.

  7. Only person I like more than Deodato is Immonen. Win win either way.

  8. i could really do without deodato. 

  9. @edward  this book would be prose, if that’s the case.

  10. @NathanNicdao  Don’t tempt Bendis.  It could happen.

  11. Nothin’ wrong with Bendis prose. 😉

    Glad to know I’m not the only one here who actually likes Deodato, though. Was starting to feel kinda lonely on this site! 🙂

  12. @Diabhol  If it is only Bendis prose, it ain’t much of a comic book.  I guess if you put word balloons around it though, it might not be all that different. 😉

  13. I’m with you @Diabhol, I’m not a huge fan, but I like his layouts quite a bit.

  14. I hope that this arc comes out quickly with two artists working on it. I really like Nick Fury so I am pretty interested to see where this story goes.

  15. @Diabhol I like him, too. Not a big fan or something, but he’s doing good work.

  16. @ nathannicado: Not Prose! Prose books are for big fat ugly people. just look at oprah’s book club  

  17. I’m impressed. Good Chaykin! A nice balance to the book.

  18. Picked this up after being off New Avengers for a while.  I liked it.  I’m curious to see how they’ll tie the two stories together.

  19. How can Nick Fury have the eye patch in Cuba in ’59, but in FF #21 from ’63 he didn’t have one yet? someone in editing goofed…

  20. Eh. The framing sequences brought me out if the book a bit, and the Deodato, while certainly good, is never my cup o’ tea.

    PS. Am I the only one who’s LOVING the oral history of the Avengers at the back? Man, I hope they collect all of that when it’s finished.

  21. Have really not been liking deodato recently might be a jump off for me

  22. @CaseyJustice  Me and you have been the biggest fans of that part i think. its just sooooo good

  23. @RoiVampire – Dude, I would KILL for a straight-up hardcover book collecting these entries. Fascinating, insightful, clever character work. Bendis’ speciality.

  24. @CaseyJustice  I would kill for an audio book read by the stars of the avengers movie. but i would maim for a hardcover collection

  25. @RoiVampire  What about the stars of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? 

  26. @ResurrectionFlan  I haven’t watched enough of that to really know the voices yet, but reading this I can hear robert downey jr. when tony speaks and it’s awesome

  27. Parkour Nick Fury!

    Pretty neat issue. Deodato’s art looks MUCH better here than it does in Secret Avengers.

  28. So, did they just kill MockingBird?

  29. Worst issue in a long time. The art was UGLY, and the part with the Avengers felt like it had no stakes (of course that might have been because it was muscley black shadows fighting muscley black shadows). I can’t get over how bad this looked. It’s like you took two artist that make me want to retch and put them on one book, which going from Immonen, who is without a doubt one of my favorites, to this shit? So disappointing.

  30. like the Chaykin pages a lot.  LOVE the Deodato pages.  LOVE the oral history.  although, has anyone else noticed the numberings on them are really screwy?

  31. I am all about this book! The art this Week in several books (Haunt, Starborn, this one) was just out of this world! Intrigued by the story. But why does Chaykin’s Nick look like he just stepped out of the Evil Dead series? (Holy Ash!)

  32. Guess they wanted to show us how strong Steve is still carrying Iron Man like that with little to no effort, how heavy is that armor anyways, a few tons at least?

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