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After the devastating fallout of last issue’s fatal battle for this dimension, the New Avengers have to figure out who really belongs on the team. Plus, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones need a nanny, and not just any nanny, they need to find a superpowered nanny. Who. Will. It. Be?! Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen
Covers by Stuart Immonen and Mark Brooks

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 10.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I’;m buying this just as much for the art as i am the writing. it’s awesome

  2. Agreed.

    See what happens when you don’t buy Dr. Voodoo? 😉

  3. @KickAss  Hey I bought the shit outta that book and convinced a few people in my shop to get it. Alas one small shop in Texas cannot save a book.

  4. Bring on Squirl Girl hahahahaa.

  5. As long as Immonen stays out of the floating, white, no background dimension, I will probably be happy.

  6. Looking back on these issues makes me want a Ms. Marvel focused issue. Immonen really captures how powerful she is more than any other artist that has worked on this series

  7. I’ve been loving this up until last issue. It was bad, but it wasnt as strong as the first 5. Going to give this a couple more issues. Immonen is incredible by the way.

  8. I do not like Bendis’ writing on this. I am dropping this book

  9. I’ve bought every issue so far, but it’s been tenative.  Love the squad & Immonen, but not so much w/ the Bendis banter.

  10. I’m very tentative about this issue. The whole first arc was a steady stream of “just okay” 3-starish books. I enjoy Immonen’s art a lot, but the story has just hasn’t been taking me anywhere. Still, the promise of some clarification of this series’ cast of characters/direction is making me consider buying this issue just to see, once and for all, if I was to stick it out.

  11. counter to some i have bben enjoying this a lot and the banter, to me, doesnt feel forced as it can at times in adjective-less 

  12. @Peterparker18102  I dropped adjective-less altogether after the second issue. This book definitely shows the potential to be a lot of fun. I just haven’t really felt it so far.

  13. I like the banter. This set of characters is well suited to the banter, unlikes the JRJR Avengers where it just is not working and is irritating. I think Bendis should turn the reins of the Iron Man/Thor/Cap book over to someone else… or write it like he has been writing Prime.

  14. I had to drop this.  

    I love the art, but really hated that they got rid of Dr. Voodoo.  I bought the book, the specials, and the first arc of this in hopes to support the character.  Then, he died.  On basic principal, I just can’t pick it up.  

    I know, I know…I’m a little bitter, but what other choice do I have, right? 

  15. @misterckent  I was bummed about Voodoo biting it, too. I was really into the limited series Remender wrote. It is comics. He will probably return, but it seems like Voodoo’s reign of sorcerer supreme is over.

  16. I’m kinda shocked at everyone’s indifference or dislike to this book, since it’s easily my top Avengers book right now.  People seem to knock Bendis’ quick and witty banter but I feel it really suits this book and has been building a fun team dynamic throughout.

    Immonen is a personal favorite of mine and his art has been absolutely great on this series so far.

    This issue was a fun read and nice little in-between for some arcs.

    Love this title.

  17. Immonen is great, and Bendis’s character work is so solid — but this was a “people stand around eating and talking” issue. Again.

  18. @WilliamKScurryJr  In all fairness the last 5 issues of this have been a magic fest. it was nice to see the team take a breather and figure out what they’re going to be and how they’re going to do it

  19. Hoo boy! This is what I love about modern comics. I love the “breather issues” where superheroes sit around and talk. I’d really be fine if New Avengers was the book Marvel designated as the permanent here’s-what-the-superheroes-do-when-they-are-between-adventures book. I think this type of situation is much more organic for Bendis’s take on the Avengers than when they are in the middle of a fight. I particularly like the way Bendis addresses the type of things I think about: How could Spider-Man deal with Victoria Hand? How could Spider-Man get paid? Why don’t Luke and Jessica have a nanny?
    So much fun and Immonen’s art is great, as always.

  20. Who will be replacing Imonen after his last issue next month???? Samnee perhaps??!!

  21. @Andrew I agree 100% I would love this to be the in-between adventures avengers book every panel of the interviews made me lol

  22. The best Avengers issue I have read in a really long time. 

  23. I want every issue of NA to be the team sitting around and talking!

  24. Immomen is the reason I buy this. Thr first arc lost momentum after the third issue.

  25. Yes. LOVE the assembling/softball issues, love the exchange between Spidey and Hand, LOVED Luke and Jess! I would be perfectly fine if this title turned into “Power Man and Jewel: Super Spouses.” The interview process was a riot (“You ever heard of Nextwave?”) and the sexual tension between Logan and Squirell Girl was… let’s go with “inspired.” Fun, fun stuff.

  26. Oh, and am I still the only one absolutely loving the oral history of the Avengers at the back?

  27. @CaseyJustice  Nope, that part is still awesome. I don’t know how but Bendis, more than anyone, really captures the way these characters talk and how they feel about themselves and their place in the world. This shit is facinating.

  28. Well, I enjoyed the ‘sitting around and talking’  But I understand why some would not like it.  Although, at least this time the smart ass comments seemed to be more in character (to me) with who made the remark.

  29. This was excellent and solidifies this book as one of my favorite superhero comics of all time.

    No action and I still loved it.

    Love that Dr. Strange is back on the team and that grumpy Wong is joining the cast as well.


  30. Did this feel short to anyone else? And what the fuck Wolverine and Squirrel Girl?

    Other than that, fun issue.

  31. I wouldn’t mind if every issue was like this. Just sitting around eating and talking. Punchy kicky superheroes are everywhere. Why not have a superhero book where they just bantering and do nothing? WHY?

  32. great issue, i picked this up because i saw didn’t have any magic related stuff in it, and i was rewarded. Please bendis, stay away from the magic for awhile and i promise New Avengers will be back on my pull list

  33. I enjoy New Avengers much more than Original Recipe Avengers. I feel like Bendis should only handle New and let someone else take over the main book. He just seems to be able to handle the family dynamic of NA better than what he’s doing in Avengers.

  34. I’m not versed with marvel’s b-listers: Who’s the crying fat Wolverine, that dude with the head band?  Someone should put a list out.  Great issue.

  35. such a fantastic issue, and any book with a NEXTWAVE shoutout gets a 5 automatically. 

  36. I too want a rundown of every person on that two-page spread.  I only recognize about half of them.  An awesome issue though, and definitely the best issue since the relaunch. 

  37. Such an amazing isse. I literally dont want the next arc to start, I just want them to sit around talking forever.

  38. Why is it that they have to wear their masks full on while they’re chilling and eating?  Guess they like to stay in ‘character,’ even on down time.

    So I guess the NAvengers are a government sponsored team, cus if it’s Cap paying them, it’s tax payers money paying them, right?

    Hope Danny gets rid of that white based uniform, I don’t know bout u.

    You know the Great Lakes Avengers are making a come back with this Squirrel Girl appearance, can’t wait.

  39. When the hell did Victoria Hand become my favorite character and that is no sleight to the rest I love them all.

  40. @FrankTiger I kinda like the white uniform, i think it works

  41. @RoiVampire  ew really?  thought it was sorta snazzy at first, but then it looked disco era to me or something.  Like the green better.

  42. Best NA issue of 2010 IMHO. I loved everything about it. Wong is gonna be a blast. Victoria Hand is great (and oddly sexy). Squirrel Girl called Wolverine “James” so their relationship must be post House of M (‘cuz he didn’t know he was ‘James’ before that).

    “You people are insane. Every single one of you.” – great last line. Really sets the tone for the book going forward.

  43. @cprevite  No, Wolvie’s given name when he was born was James Howlett, and he was known as such while he was a Canadian secret service agent before becoming Weapon X.

  44. This might have just become my favorite Marvel book. Hope this tone continues on!

  45. @Franktiger: Ahh, OK. That makes sense, but then Squirrel Girl must be much older than she looks.

    Regardless, can’t wait to see what develops between them.

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