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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The New Avengers are being hunted at the worst possible moment. The Hood has powered up his crew in ways that the Avengers can’t possibly defeat. But they must find a way in order to save Asgard from Osborn’s advancing forces.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Stuart Immonen & Daniel Acuna
COVER BY: Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Immonen has been killing it on this book since he took back over, but McCaig’s colors are the star of New Avengers right now.

  2. Didn’t love last issue (my first) but I’ve told myself I’ll stick with it through Siege/the end.

    Maybe this one will actually have something to do with Siege. 

  3. I honesty didn’t care for Immonen until I read Agents of HATE.  Then, I adored his work.  It’s funny how one work can change your entire perception of someone. 

  4. Odds on anything happening in this issue?

  5. No Acuna this issue? Thank sweet Jesus! ALL Immonen art!

  6. @grandturk  something happens in every issue. like last issue, cap shot the living laser and spider-woman got mind controlled

  7. @RoiVampire: And Spiders Man and Woman were on an awesome not-date. Last issue was my Pick of the Week.

  8. @conor exactly, last issue was awesome. great art from two greats artists and great writing as well. it was a close one for POTW for me


  10. Didn’t Spider-Man & Woman already have a "not-date?"

  11. yeah i dropped this book around issue 52 or so, then jumped back on at issue 55 and really question why i dropped it to begin with. Every issue is so much fun. Last issue seemed to have tons of great things happening. I’m a huge cap fan, so just to be able to see Steve in action again, with or without wearing the red white and blue, that alone sells a book to me.

  12. The storyline is clearly Hood and the gang vs. New Avengers, probably for all the marbles. I find it difficult to see how they get a direct tie-in to Seige. We have seen the Avengers flying off to fight the Seige already, written by the same writer, and the Hood was not mentioned. Either this takes place before and the Seige tie-in banner is highly misleading, or there will be an abrupt jump, difficult when you left Spider-man falling to his doom (ok, a falling Spider-man is not that upsetting — he does it like every issue of ASM). In the end I suspect the magic Norse rocks will tie it all together, but I am betting there will not be much Seige in this Seige tie-in very soon.

  13. "To Be Continued…"

    …A Month Ago. 

    That aside, I’m still pretty bored by this.  I don’t think I’ll be reading any of the post-Siege Avengers books.

  14. this was a fan-fucking-tastic issue.  so much fun especially the last third or so.  I love Bendis and both artists killed.

    but, how the fuck does he screw up continuity amongst books he writes?!? 

  15. @abirdseyeview,
    I was wondering the same thing, he was out of continuity from 2 issues ago of NA, and yet this was still a top notch issue.

    Bendis seems like he has a renewed love of writing again, he was mailing it in there for a year or so on this title, but this is such a fun read again.

    Maybe Seige was pushed forward a month or two due to all the complaining about Dark Reign,  seems like it since all the tie – ins are a month or so behind?

  16. Outside of a few "hell yeah" moments this seemed to be mostly just filler to me.  Also should be on the short list for most drab cover of the year awards.

  17. This book was amazing. So I ready love Immonen but Daniel Acuna?! Wow. Can’t think of anything else I’ve seen him do, but the Spider-man and Spider-woman parts of this book were spot on. Fantastic art/great writing.

  18. I think knowing that this issue leads right into Siege 1 from two months ago hurt it, as did the art from Acuna, who is one of my least favorite artists working. I wouldve loved this if it was all Immonen and McCaig. This issue just felt sub par from where I expect Bedis to be.

  19. This book was total crap.

  20. I must say out all of the books i have read this week so far this has been the weakest. Didn’t think much of the art to be honest but there were a couple of great scenes.   3/5 for me…

  21. Jesus, most people are love/hate on this one.  I loved it.

  22. @vadamowens, loved it, not POTW but damn fun and solid

  23. Liked it, but this and last issue felt a little unimportant. They needed to cover this before they went off to Seige because?!? Also, I believe Marvel has now mandated at least three teary-eyed welcome back from the dead Cap scenes per book. It is going to get tough to find characers who haven’t seen that Cap has returned, so expect an emotional reunion between Steve Rogers and, I don’t know, Razorback, Stingray, and El Aguila. I am already getting choked up.

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