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  1. seriously, are we meant to read a superhero comic and be excited by medical complications? I hope thsi give the team a chance to sit arounf a table and chat about something. i haven’t seen that in a while. Bendis is killing me with new Avengers, one issue is good, two suck balls… get the act together

  2. i only read it for the pretty pictures, ed. sometimes i forget there’s even a story going on, i get so caught up in the color and shade used in Stu’s art. goddam it’s so good i could scream, and this cover is no exception

  3. For me, this book has been a waste of time since before Secret Invasion. 

  4. And apparently spoiled by the Annuals. Is it just me, or does it seem like Marvel should have moved Seige back a month as they appear to be clusterf-king across theboard trying to get their ducks in a row.

  5. Ive picked it up…dropped it…picked it up…dropped it…MAKE UP YOUR MIND NEW AVENGERS!!

    I’ve enjoyed this arc up until last issue, i found it to be "lingering" a bit too much. More bucky cap, since we arent getting that in any other book!

  6. you know, I really am interested in what role Luke Cage will have in Avengers through Siege and thereafter

  7. I have no problems with this book, it got a little shaky during SI but has been back on track since. Agree that Siege maybe should have been pushed back to February. Or maybe Bryan Hitch should just get his shit together and finish Reborn.

  8. One of the best books this week. *Great* issue.


  9. Normie gets owned. har har!

  10. has McCaig been doing colors for a while now? his coloring really brought out the best in Immonen’s pencils

  11. I don’t know, when Hank Pym, as Ant-Man, went inside the Vision (drawn by Neal Adams!) it was a wonder – this trip inside Luke Cage: meh. Dr Voodoo seems useless, just a caddy to Dr Strange – so much for the eye of amagotto as indispensable.  Overall, just filler.  I agree with Edward: one good issue, two that suck etc.  I like the Avengers but time to move things forward.

  12. Yes, I’m excited by medical complications. Because I like Luke Cage and his family and friends. 

  13. The plot kind of jumped around oddly near the end, but the dialogue in this one was fantastic on a cracker. When Spider-man commented about Cage having two men inside him, I about spit up a kidney laughing. And how about Bullseye realizing that he likes it when they say Avengers Assemble. It will be nice if they could have a run of a year or two where they are not just building up to an event or putting the pieces back together after one, as that keeps this book from establishing any sort of rhythm.

  14. I just read this, did anyone else notice that the Thing randomly appears in the end? Along with some random lady with an afro — in the end when everyone is standing around drinking…. I feel like I missed some pages or something. Did anyone else notice this?

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