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  1. loved the one sentence blurb for this in last weeks dark avengers

    "Look who’s ready to rumble"

  2. This comic has been stellar!

  3. (Please read this comment in your most annoying whiny, insulting inner-voice)


    OH, please, please, please!!! Can we have another issue about the HOOD?! Pretty, pretty please?! It’s not like more than two years of that character not doing anything interesting is boring or anything. IT"S REALLY REALLY REEALLY EXCITING AND INTERESTING!! THANKS BENDIS!!

  4. I feel like this hasn’t been good since before Secret Invasion.  I have no idea why I keep picking it up

  5. @edward  you can always stop buying the book. The Hood is the Kingpin and the new avengers are daredevil, he’s in it for the long haul so start liking it

  6. @RoiVampire: nah, i’m going to keep buying it and keep bitching about about. I’m in this for the long haul so start liking it.

  7. I dig on this comic whenever I get around to reading it. I read this in premier hardcover for issues 1-47, then I bought the two arcs coming out of Secret Invasion in issue format, and now I’m going to buy it in oversized hardcover. The New Sorceror Supreme arc was hella good.

    Don’t believe the hate.

  8. I think the solicit is being literal and someone’s gonna get a (Ian Roberts on Arrested Development delivery) hook in their ass (which would be ironic since his character was, according to IMDB, called "Literal Doctor").

  9. @edward  lol, "Start liking it" is probably my most used SNL 90’s quote

  10. @cutty. I agree. Just not into it anymore.

  11. @RoiVampire: I have never seen a SNL episode. Differient strokes for differient folks

  12. @edward you could always request comedy central from your cable provider.  Do they have cable in Australia?;) (I know…I’m a stupid American)

  13. I don’t care where the story wanders to, as long as Immonen remains on it. It simply can’t go wrong with him drawing it.

  14. i’ve been on for 57 issues but this old girl is getting dumped today, if they story finds it way to something more interesting ill jump back on but times are tough and alot of books are finding the chopping block. One good thing about the tough economic times is my standards for books has risen significantly

  15. @vadamowens  But CC doesn’t show the old reruns anymore, he’d have better luck just netflixing a few best of’s and the first few seasons. thats where the magic is at for peopel who’ve never seen it before

  16. It doesn’t feel like anything has actually happened in this comic in a while.

    Immonen is fantastic though.

  17. I really hate the solicits and covers for this book, they tend to just be confusing and misleading most of the time. Aside from that, I’m still enjoying this, probably moreso for the continued adventures of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage than anything else…

  18. This book feels like a constant tie-in, it just treads water between events

  19. Best book I read this week.

  20. Is it just me or did Cap’s shield grow a few feet for that one panel? ("Which panel?", you ask? The one where he’s using a surfboard to block Ares’ axe)

    Also Dark Ms. Marvel had legs to her tights thanks to the colorist’s obsession w/ coloring things red (like they did Cap’s boot’s on the 1st issue of this arc), but I don’t really care since I do feel like there should be more pants wearing female superheroes these days.

  21. I really enjoyed this issue.  I especially liked the fight in the sewer.  The closest we’ve come yet to the New Avengers/Dark Avengers throw down.

  22. Immonen is the man. 

  23. I am starting to think Bendis needs to be read in trades. I love love love his dialogue and storytelling, but issue after issue I feel like, ugh, couldn’t we move this along faster? And they read quick too. I rarely spend more than 10 minutes on a New Avengers.  At $3.99 a pop that really makes me question the value of single issues. I recently picked up the first 6 trades and it was such a fantastic reading experience. Tough to tradewait what is clearly a central Marvel title though, if I want to keep listening to any podcasts or reading boards like these… But maybe long term it will be the way to go.

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