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With everything on the line, Wolverine volunteers to make the ultimate sacrifice to save our dimension. Magic is being reinvented in the Marvel Universe and it is happening here!!

Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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  1. That is the most ridiculous cover EVER.  I can’t help but laugh.

  2. @zattaric That’s saying alot.

  3. Yeah, throw in the banner and the Cap corner Icon and that is truly a Marvel trainwreck of an image. All I need is to see Spider-man dodging lasers from Dr. Doom in the background and I could stop reading comics forever.

  4. @Jimbilly – your knee-jerk response to train wrecks and my knee-jerk response to train wrecks are almost completely opposite.

  5. I’ve seen way worse covers than wolverine with an iron fist symbol on his chest and a magic eye in his forehead

  6. Great art. painful story. Angry and confused Edward

  7. Thinking about setting aside the Avengers books for awhile… well, at least Bendis’s ones for a bit.

  8. Hahah I’m sorry but that’s awesome 😀

  9. I don’t quite remember, but didn’t people enjoy seeing Cap with a Nova helmet?  if so, how is Wolverine harnessing his chi using the power of the Iron Fist any different?

  10. This cover really bespeaks everything I don’t like about Wolverine. :-p 

  11. JimBilly, you mean like the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #5?

  12. Help me, Stuart Immonen.  You’re my only hope.

  13. Is there a version of this comic without the retarded oral history of the Avengers? Every time I read it I feel like shooting myself in the head. 

  14. Is the Heroic Age banner ever going away? Or are we stuck with it until the next themed status quo?

  15. @JesseG: Don’t read it?

  16. Man, I’m still having a blast with this book. New Avengers in definately my Avengers of choice.

  17. I’m having fun with this too.  I wish there were more ways to use magic in the Marvel U.  I think this did a great job and I hope to see more!

  18. Man am I glad Wolverine is an Avenger, gives me a chance to see him wield the power of the mystic arts!

  19. @Andrew Yes, tuck ASM #5 in under Wolvie’s left arm and it would have some much Marvel stuff on it my mind would explode.

    I guess I am just still astonished that Wolverine on the cover increases sales, a truism for going on 25 years now. How many bad comics (not this one, mind you) have had Wolverine on the cover? Especially now that he is in every comic anyway?

  20. @conor- I poop therefore I read. 

  21. Easily in my top five superhero books that I’m currently reading since the series started.

  22. Wolverine — bah! Logan, if you must be one more than one team, at least contain yourself to one Avengers book.

     What’s the deal, Bendis?!

  23. I feel like this whole arc is a "getting the team together" kinda thing, and that half of these cats won’t be around after this story. I hope.

  24. @CaseyJustice That’s exactly what Bendis said would happen, and Clint is already out. And this issue was very strong. Both Bendis Avengers books are the kind of self-contained arcs that we were proised with the Heroic Age.

  25. Hawkeye can pick up cars?

    Loved the issue.

  26. Art is nice, story is twaddle

  27. I thought the same thing. Since when is Hawkeye strong enough to pick up a car?

  28. Not just pick up, but lift up the very car that apparently crushed him! 

    Since this arc has dealt with Voodoo, Strange, and Damon Hellfire, I will invoke the words of Joey Q, ‘It’s magic, we don’t have to explain it.’

    That remains an unsatisfying answer

  29. Since when can Hawkeye lift cars?

     Did I miss something? 

  30. Someone is going to come in here and explain this with some little known fact about Hawkeye like he used some super soldier serum or something.

  31. My favorite Avengers books are the ones Bendis isn’t writing.

  32. I figured Hawkeye got the super strength from that bionic-looking arm he borrowed from Cable. Y’know…since Cable isn’t using it. 

  33. Does anyone know who is actually responsible for approving across the books art items like that damn banner at Marvel?

    The person’s name?




  34. Loving this title, but is anyone finding "the Oral History of The Avengers" entertaining ??  I think its a damn bore..I try to read it and finish it, but its a chore every time.

  35. Best issue yet.  Somebody needs to make a couple of clones of Immonen so he can draw more books. 

  36. Oh, so that’s where Hawkeye was all this time after he just mysteriously disappeared after issue 1, how convenient; and it was nice of his teammates, esp Mockingbird, to just leave him under that car where he’s been chilling all this time, good job in covering your tracks Bendis!

    Don’t worry, I guess Spidey and Wolvie get the Avengers Priority Emergency call later on, so they can join the other Avengers team, in between Wolvie getting the X-Men Priority Emergency call so that he can go turn into a vampire.

  37. Fucking magic. Crazy lights coming out of a character’s funny hand gestures isn’t entertaining. It’s a meaningless story device.


    Someone’s got to tell bendis to get he’s act together  

  38. @Edward:  so are superpowers if you want to look at it that way.

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