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All new Marvel magic by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen! The Avengers don’t even get a chance to move in to their new digs when a dimensional invasion tears right into the heart of the team. This is a story that wlll completely reinvent the rules of magic in the Marvel Universe and have long-lasting effects on a handful of your favorite Marvel characters.

Plus: an Avenger disappears! Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!


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  1. I hope this doesn’t mean that Dr. Voodoo is no longer Sorcerer Supreme.  I really like the character and love the way they work in the name of the spell.

  2. Strange hasn’t been Sorceror Supreme for well over a year though. It’s Brother Voodoo these days.

  3. Can’t wait for more Immonem, he’s excellent on Avengers.

  4. I couldn’t stay away. I’m on this now. So I’m getting this and Avengers Academy.

  5. Of all the new Avengers books i thought i’d be able to pass this one up, but to my surprise, it looks like this book is gonna be the one i look for above all.

  6. IMO this book is the "Defenders" title I have been hoping for. It’s got that offbeat vibe. The one place I am enjoying Bendis.

  7. I dropped Bendis’ avengers books during Secret Invasion and thought I would be done with them for good… I read the first issue in the store and absolutely LOVED it! Bought it, and now i’m so onboard for this book.

  8. I feel like the story was not really even started last issue.  so I just don’t feel as excited for this one.  the most interesting element so far is Victoria Hand.

  9. This would be a much more interesting book to me if everyone didn’t always bring up the fact that they are on two teams.

  10. Bendis = Jesus


  11. It was basically everyone introducing who their character was while playing a game of Hot Potato.

  12. This was a great issue, where #1 should have been for this book. A simple gimmick to the issue, but it worked. Also, Victoria Hand was MIA, right?

  13. POW for me!

  14. I made the happy mistake of trying all the Avengers launches and now I am following all of them.  This title was close to being cut, then I decided to get this issue.  They have sucked me in.  Curse you Marvel and your quality books! 

  15. Now this is an Avengers book worth reading!

  16. This book works because Bendis and Immonen have a great synergy, something that is completely lacking in the main Avengers book. I also get the feeling Bendis likes these characters more than the big guns over in the main Avengers book as well. The New Avengers are more street level which is his M.O. At any rate, this Avengers book is top of my list right now while the main book is on the verge of getting voted off the island.

  17. Stuart Immomen is definitely the draw for this series.  I liked the Daimon Hellstrom appearance — would like to see more of him.

     And can we limit Wolverine to just one Avengers title? It’s bad enough he’s in multiple X-titles, he doesn’t need to be in multiple Avengers titles.

  18. Every time you cut a piece off of Wolverine he grows another book.

  19. I like how Luke Cage is here but also leading the Thuderbolts.  And Spider-Man and Wolverine are here as well.  Are they hoping we don’t notice?  I mean, comics have always done that, but lately it seems far more prevalent.

    This Avengers title is at least worthy of reading and looking at.

  20. @Thebouv They do that so they don’t limit the exposure of there top selling characters.  The only reason it seems more prevalent is because you read more books.  It’s the same as in the last 90’s when Flash was a Titan in the JLA and had his own ongoing series Superman & Batman had their 4 titles plus team books.  I think Marvel is just starting to realize that DC has done it for years and have made TONS of cash so they are trying their hand with their bigger characters.

  21. Spidey’s iCarly line is a new classic.

  22. Immonen is a fucking god.

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