FEAR ITSELF has ripped through New York and now the New Avengers must reinvent themselves. And who better to help them then the guardian devil himself?

It’s finally happening…DAREDEVIL: AVENGER!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Rain Beredo
Cover by Mike Deodato, Rain Beredo, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson & Dean White

Price: $3.99
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  1. Is this the conclusion to the Squirrel Girl story? Or, did I miss an issue?

  2. I think the Squirrel Girl story did end, yes? She got back to the mansion to watch the kid. I guess they blew up the mansion (again) or something at the end, so that part of the story isn’t over, but I think the SG focus is over. I hope Waid mostly ignores whatever Bendis is doing here with DD and stays in his own closed off DD-world.

    • She made it back to the mansion, but the Nazi-bots were raining down fire on the place while she and the baby were in it.

    • i agree! I’m sooo tired of the Bendis cross-overs! I’m a big fan of his writing, but you can tell he’s stretched thin when all the characters in the books he writes all have the same script. I miss the individual stories.

    • That seems like Bendis – change focus in the 2nd act of the story. Despite Squirrel Girl getting back to the mansion, it did not feel like the conclusion of the story. I mean, all hell was still breaking loose! If the focus shifts to Daredevil in this issue, I will not be at all surprised if wen ever get a satisfying conclusion to SG’s story. That’s just the way Bendis rolls.

      Oh, and I am just assuming we’re going to get at least 4 pages of ‘interview’ headshots.

  3. I’m hoping to love this. A Marvel Knights-esque “street” twist to New Avengers? Could be cool.

  4. man i wish Deodato wasn’t drawing this. I hate the super-imposed Nazi bots. They look downright awful

    • I couldn’t disagree more. While Deodato isn’t the best artist around, his style is perfect for the tone of this book.

    • I actually would not be surprised if marvel lands in hot water with Harmony Gold and the Robotech license with the Nazi battlemechs… ala Fasa and its “Warhammer” battlemech and the other “unseen.”

  5. am thinking about trying this because i love daredevil, but 4dollars. GD!! times are hard

  6. Can’t stand Deodato’s art. Kinda getting burned out a bit on Bendis’ Avengers as well so I think I might start cancelling it unless I see a big improvement in the next few issues.

  7. I like Deodato fine, but it is certainly true this title has been nowhere near as good since Immonen left. At $4 a month it needs to be special, which this has not felt for a while.

  8. I’m sad I dislike a book about Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and Daredevil so much. So far I can’t stand anything Bendis other than Ultimate Spidey…

  9. I found the story telling in this issue to be downright clunky and all over the place. And again Deodato’s art was just…bad, aside from the obviously Miller-inspired DD panel.

  10. Sadly, Iron Fist hasn’t been the same since they cancelled the original PowerMan and IronFist comic. Like Elektra, he’s been watered down to the point of complete ambalence.

  11. how bad ass was daredevil, completly awsome.

  12. I loved it. LOVE Deodato art, I can’t ever understand the hate for his work.

  13. not bad, but could have been better. that epilogue was downright embarassing: “so how did that whole end of the world thing work out for you?” “well, we’re still here it seems . . .” wished that Squirel Girl had been active in helping Daredevil, a bit of a let down after last issue . . .

    personally, i like Deodato.

  14. This is the best Deodato art i’ve seen yet. He’s not one of my favorites, but he draws the hell out of nazi mech suits and destruction. The story was well done and totally functions as a self-contained tale. Sure this ties into FI, but it isn;t like something like the mansion getting attacked wouldn’t happen in an unaffiliated avengers story. Last week I was annoyed at Bendis for that New Avengers annual, this week he pulled me right back in.

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