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It won’t take some of the Avengers to fight the madness of Fear Itself it will take ALL OF THEM!!

The New Avengers and Avengers join forces in the face of true fear! And who will join the New Avengers for the first time EVER?

Stay tuned, True Believer! This is a can’t-miss Avengers event!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Cover by Mike Deodato

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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. If this is the end of the Avengers 1959 in the back of New Avengers, consider me out.

  2. I for one have the exact opposite feeling, good riddance to Avengers 1959. Not that it was bad in itself, but it wasn’t what I wanted from New Avengers and the other half suffered as well. If this gets us the old Cage/Alias/Spidey banter back, then I don’t care if there are evil glowing hammers or not.

  3. Since only Deodato is listed for art for the immediate future, it’s safe to assume their is no 1959 part through September.

  4. Don’t the Avengers 1959 get a spin-off title? So I am pretty sure to assume they are done in New Avengers.

  5. I really enjoyed this issue.

  6. this was great, bendis has turned me into a mockingbird fan

  7. Bendis never fails me.

  8. More proof Spider-Man is a dick. Also, the art was just bad. I hated the super imposed CG robots. Also, where was the Thing using a hammer like shown on the cover? He’s perfectly cool, chilling with the Avengers in his FF gear, so…yea, Deodato has taken one of my favorite books down a lot.

  9. I thought this was a fantastic issue, and that the amping up of Mockingbird is a great treatment for her. Makes her a lot more than just a Black Canary clone. The Spider-Man Victoria Hand scene was very tense. I really hope the previous issue’s activity by hand was a red herring, and that Spidey is wrong, but I liked the way it was handled nonetheless. I liked the way Wolverine and then Luke Cage took him aside to talk to him, just like buddies would do in that situation.

  10. Pow for me. I’m a fan of the art, mockingbird and that horribly drawn 1959 story going away.

  11. @davidtobin100    Agreed, but I DID like it – just not interrupting the flow of the modern-day story.

    I’d have rather the 1959 pages be in the back of the book after the modern-day action (like a back-up feature) or they were all combined and told in a single issue placed somewhere in the arc (maybe between issues 11 and 12).

  12. I did not get this issue yet.

    I enjoyed the last 5 or 6 issuez of New Avengees a great deal, but I wondering if I should pass on this issue altogether, since I am not folloing the events of Fear Itself.

    Also, I’m wodering about the interview pages of this issue and other recent Avengers books.

    WHO are the characters being interviewed by, and why?

    Any opinions/tips are appreciated.

  13. WHY don’t we have an “Edit” feature?

    Sorry for the typos.  I have fingers like The Thing’s.  🙁

  14. Thank god Spidey’s done, all we need now is for Wolvie to leave the team as well, is Bendis finally getting it that those two shouldn’t be on this team?

    I guess Marvel U vs Japanese anime-style mechas has never been done before.  Avengers tower falling was very reminiscent of something else, sorta chilling scene there. 

  15. I’d love for Bendis to develop the same level of affection for Monica Rambeau that he has for some of these other characters. She’s a huge missed opportunity. Much more so than Mockingbird. Also, what is going on with the Sorcerer Supreme thing. Such a big deal was made of passing it on to Voodoo, but now that he’s “gone” nothing about it being passed on to someone else. Seems like they could use a good sorcerer right now.

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