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Who were the first Avengers? That is the question and this chapter will bring you the shocking answer. And how will the first mission of the earliest Avengers affect the survival of one of the most beloved Avengers of the modern day?

The Dark Avengers team of Bendis and Deodato reunite and bring comics legend Howard Chaykin with them!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Howard Chaykin & Mike Deodato
Colors by Edgar Delgado & Rain Beredo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. i love this book but i want this arc to be over with. i don’t know it just doesn’t feel like the NA right now

  2. Frankly, the New Avengers doesn’t feel like Avengers, so…

    Once Deodato is gone, so am I.

  3. I went subscription on all three Avengers-related titles as of #13 or thereabouts. I sure hope the next twelve issues are great of all three titles. 😛

  4. This book took a severe downturn when Deodato and Chaykin came on.

  5. The first arc was awesome…. and since then…. it has been a chore to read.  When Wolverine had all there powers combined it must have broke the book somehow.

  6. I agree. The first arc was like a Bendis renaissance for me, loved it all so much. This arc has dragged along despite the art. It sucks that after this arc we dive head-first into Fear Itself, I have a feeling I’m not going to like that arc either.

  7. I like the concept of what he is trying to do, but the art is pulling me out of it. I’m no great fan of Chaykin and i loathe deodato’s art, so with their powers combined, I am captain dislike! Sorry, little captain planet reference for you there. Anyway, I am also looking forward to the day this arc ends.

  8. Can’t stand either artist. When is this arc going to be over. It really seems to be dragging.

  9. I still think every issue of this a knockout…. but I’m an optimist to a fault.

  10. Love deodato but this arc is dragging. It feels like this could be some major setup for arcs down the line…at least I hope that’s the case.

  11. This arc ends with #13 btw. Then it’s a Fear Itself tie-in arc.

  12. I’m enjoying the artwork in from Deodato and Chaykin. And the 1950s avengers story is pretty cool. Maybe they need another title, Old Avengers.

  13. Immonen was a beast on this book. Ever since he jumped off this series has suffered. I’m so glad I dropped this. 

  14. I loved Immonen as well. But I think this is some of Deodato’s best work. Though I could do without Chaykin. Just my personal preference.

  15. Absolutely cannot stand Chaykin’s art, it’s horrible, especially when compared to Deodato’s and, obviously, the amazing Immonen. Hope he’s off the book soon.

  16. i will agree that Immonen was my favorite on this book but Deodato is a close #2.

  17. WOW, I never would have expected so much hate for this book.  I thought this arc has been awesome.  Are  you guys reading the same thing?  I understand that it is now fashionable to dislike Chaykin (with all this, another example of “bad chaykin” talk) but the story has still been good, past and present versions.

  18. @dent309  I actually love Chaykin and Deadato but I’m just not having fun with this arc. I feel like it should be clear at this point how the two stories are connected and it’s not yet, to me at least. I read this book for Luke and the other NA’s not for some other team. I think I’d be loving the flashback story if it was a 3 issue mini.

  19. Yeah the art is not the problem for me either.

  20. Still like this book but Chaykin’s work in this book is amazingly bad (just my opinion).

  21. This story is the epitome of everything that can go wrong with superhero comics.

  22. This book has gotten so far off track its not funny. This artist really needs to go.

  23. When did it become public knowledge that Danny is Iron Fist?

  24. I like the stuff in the present done by Deodato. Not a fan of the 50s stuff with Chaykin.

    Although I can’t help but wonder when and if the two storylines will intersect. So far it seems like two different books with the pages jumbled together. One of which I’m not a huge fan of but I’m basically stuck with if I want to read the other.

  25. Love the Chaykin stuff. Not thrilled with the Deodato stuff.

  26. I’m pretty much chugging through because of the lineup (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Dr. Strange), though the story is kinda neat. 

    I liked it when the Nazi head exploded and the sniper quipped that he missed Red Skull’s bright dome. 

  27. Wow that first full page drawing of Cap is aweful.  Does he have a bucket underneath his mask?  I’m still not sure why we need to be cutting back-and-forth between these two stories, if they were somehow related it would make sense but so far there’s nothing connecting them at all.

  28. The story under Chaykin’s art is fairly decent, but the present day Let’s Almost Kill Mockingbird Again story is drop dead dull. I read NA for Luke Cage interacting with his wife and a fun team. This has been.. ick. I may be switching back to the other Avengers book soon.

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