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Don’t worry, everyone. Nemesis has been captured and put in the highest security prison that America has to offer. Problem solved. Series over. What’s that? It’s only issue three? Uh-Oh! More shocking twists and turns from the masters of modern comic-book awesomeness Mark Millar (KICKASS, CIVIL WAR) and Steve McNiven (WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN, CIVIL WAR).

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Steve McNiven
COVER BY: Steve McNiven

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m loving the art in this book, but honestly cannot remember a thing from the last issue.

  2. Not much to remember really.  Bunch of big action sequences with little plot to connect them, other than ‘bad guy with a vendetta’

    That much said, I am still buying it.

  3. Love both these guys, but this hasn’t been doin much for me. I feel like there are several moments where I should be thinking "Awesome!", but instead I’m thinking "Zzzzz." Oh well, it’s only four issues. I might as well finish it.

  4. So who thinks this will finish by year’s end?

  5. As far as Millar goes I’d consider this on time!

  6. This has been pretty fun, I’m loving the hell out of the bad guy. He’s such an evil dick, that you have to love everything he does. Looking forward to see where this goes.

  7. I hope Nemesis gets it in the end.

  8. I hope Millar writes more AMERICAN JESUS!

  9. I just happen to be watching Kick-Ass right now.  It’s actually making me slightly more excited to read Nemesis than I would be otherwise.

  10. Hey this feel early to anyone else?

  11. I want Millar to continue American Jesus as well. That felt inspired unlike this $2.99×4 movie storyboard.

  12. @Naw – Right, because all storyboards look this beautiful…

  13. @amircat Nah, I want him to get away with it.

  14. I want him to become the new King of America!

  15. @vadamowens – but that’s the ending of every Millar book. The bad guys win. It’s almost too boring.

  16. This book looks good. That’s all I can really say about it. I don’t even remember what happened in the last two issues besides lots of people getting shot and hit by a train or something.

  17. @Amircat: yeah, i agree with vadamowens. i really want this guy to have a happy ending, beating someone up. just like alex out of A clockwork Orange 

  18. @amircat.  That’s why I love his books though.  Not enough villians winning in most of the books I read. I know that sounds awful, but it’s refreshing to see evil win every once in a while. (Only in the fantastical sense of course.

  19. you know, I’m just buying this for the sake of completion (i know, i know), but we’ll see.

  20. I thought that this was the best issue of the mini so far.  Actual real development in the characters that didn’t feel like I was reading a Wiki page

  21. Why does everyone think this title is good? Is everyone just buying it because of Millar? This has to be the worst single issue of anything I have read in ages. Hated it!!!

  22. @HannahClaire: As pent up comic book fans, we enjoy a little cathartic ultra violence. So this book is awesome, we can’t explain it, we can’t justify it, it just is 

  23. Diamond Didn’t ship the box this was in to my shop, next week I guess

  24. This issue was a blast. Not only was McNiven’s art better here than it was in the previous 2 issues, but everything I love about the Nemesis character was in full effect here.


    Well…I shouldn’t say that I LOVE him, since he’s a completely evil cock. I’m just fascinated by him…he seems to be the king of fucking everyone over to the maximum degree, and it’s interesting to see where he goes next. This issue raised the bar quite high, and it’s a shame that we only have 1 issue left of this.

  25. This was classic Millar… As long as you didnt come in expecting something that makes you think and had the mind set for an out of control action story then its a great time. Good art and the story is fun. 

  26. Still feels like we’re skimming the story. Eh. 

    Still curious to see how it ends but I think this isn’t one of Millar’s best. 

  27. I’m calling the elderly uncle as his cover persona now, been suspicious the whole time.

  28. I literally had to put the comic down until I stopped laughing at that news headline.

    This whole series is classic Millar — over the top, violent, funny & highly, highly entertaining. And McNiven’s stunning art is the delicious icing on the cake.

  29. Classic Millar, Classic Millar…BOLLACKS! 

    This is crap….

    Oh i’ll buy the next issue just to see what happens of course

    But as far as a good story, good art, both Millar and McNiven should be ashamed. 

    This title is way below par for both these two. 

    I expect better. COME ON KICK ASS 2!!

  30. @jmack that’s it?

    Issue was sweet, blatantly over the top, hope the movie will be the same. Not sure who to root for yet, but Nemesis has kept his word on everything he’s said so far, no reason to think Morrow won’t be dead at midnight March 12th, but you never know what kind of twist Millar will pull.

  31. So…all of the plot and characterization comes in the 4th issue right? Cuz I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about what’s going on or have any feelings towards any of these characters one way or the other…expect that Nemisis is like Wesley Gibbons without actually being at least interesting

  32. Super villain comics are really hard to do.  I’m lovin’ the hell out of this.  Nemesis is a little dry, but I really like the plotline which others here act like that can’t or won’t follow.  I mean, we’ve had very targeted kidnappings, and Millar even gave a reason why Nemesis would let himself be captured. 

    When’s Bomb Queen coming back!?!  Loved that book too.

  33. Yeah I’m sorry. This is pretty awful. Then again I hated Wanted so maybe I wasn’t the target audience for this.

  34. @SirCox:  certainly entitled to your own opinion, but while Nemesis doesn’t seem to be for everyone, you say you hated Wanted?  Hmmm, suspect, apology not accepted.

  35. yeah…maybe he should be in the target market for Dr. Horrible or something even more baby-esque (although that’d be a tough order to fill.)

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