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NATION X #3 (OF 4)

Danger is back with the X-Men and it’s time to pay for the death of her first victim, Wing, in ASTONISHING X-MEN. First in line for pay-back is Armor. Meanwhile, Magik has banished Anole to Limbo, but why? Cannonball’s hands are full dealing with the incoming military jet threatening the mutant’s new home. All this plus a story that is so top secret we can’t tell you who is writing it or drawing it or who it’s about!

COVER BY: Dustin Weaver

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  1. No idea why this is two weeks late.  You’d think creative teams could turn out anthology-sized stories like they’re nothing.

    I loved the first issue, but the last one was I think all characters I’ve never seen in comic form, so it didn’t really click with me.  I started reading New Mutants recently so hopefully this one will be a little more interesting.

  2. @Slockhart: Yeah the first issue had an amazing magneto and iceman story and a good mike allred wolverine, they’ve gone downhill since, and this issue seems to be really minor characters. Hopefully, the 4th will go out with a bang. I am excited to see the "top secret" story though

  3. I really hope these New Mutants short stories live up to the quality of the main book.  I love me some Magik!  Anyone know who’s penciling which story?

  4. I like that fact that this book has been focusing on the lesser known characters.  I think that’s the point of books like these. 

  5. You use the most obscure character you want as long as you tell a good story and give me enough info to understand the character. I loved Jubilee and Martha the Brain last issue, was bored by Gambit (usually am), and actively disliked the Northstar one. It bordered on offensive, escaping only because the writer actually is gay himself. Instead it just seemed like a terrible (and terribly boring) potrayal of Northstar. Issue one made my POTW, so here’s hoping this one is moreconsistent.

  6. I liked the first two stories.  The third, I have absolutely no idea who they were, so I kinda zoned out while I was reading it.  The last story had some major word balloon-placement problems, especially in that last panel.  No where near as good at the first issue, but an improvement over the second.

  7. I’m kind of regretting buying this series.


  8. Loved it. Especially the Madison Jeffries stuff.  Nice to get personal with him. Now I just want to know how Lil died. I agrre with Slockhart about the wrd bubble placement in the Cannonball story, it was just a little to manga for me when it comes to my X-men. 

    Ooo, Ooo, and it looks like we have a Doop story next issue!

  9. Oh Shit! She was killed by Mortis during Necrosha!

  10. I really enjoy these anthologies, its really cool to see these characters interpreted in interesting ways… however, the art on the Anole story really bugged me. Most of those characters from the New X-Men (Academy X) books are supposed to be teenagers right? James Harren drew him like a KIIIIID (a la Beast Boy from the Teen Titans cartoons). He looks prepubescent. The Armor/Danger art was especially rad though.

  11. Holy crap, that Madison Jeffries story hit HARD, I could read the rest of the book, had to put it down, really powerful stuff

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