Namor, the Sub-Mariner! The world’s first mutant! King of Atlantis!

See one of Marvel’s most iconic characters written and penciled by the talented John Byrne! As Namor finally learns the truth about his nasty temper, he faces the corporate threat of the diabolical Marrs’ twins, tames the deadly Griffin, is sued for his attacks on New York and gets beheaded!

It’s Namor like you’ve never seen him before! Guest-starring Namorita, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four!

Collects NAMOR: THE SUB-MARINER (1990) #1-9.

By John Byrne

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  1. I’ve read the first issue of this series and I liked it. It has the classic Byrne art i love so much, but does anyone know if this trade would be worth my time? I don’t remember hearing much about this series

  2. It was a good series. It returned Iron Fist and a few of the classic Invaders (and Invaders villains). Namorita was a regular supporting character. Byrne was still going strong then. 

  3. @mikegraham6 I liked it a lot when it came out.  It set Namor up in a new role as a business man which was pretty cool, especially how Byrne explained his wealth.  If you like Byrne’s art and storytelling then I would go for it. 

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