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The adventures of Garbage Man and Tanga from WEIRD WORLDS continue – and now, these offbeat heroes are joined by the Robotman, who has a disturbing knack for self-destruction!


Price: $3.99
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  1. so uh here’s to trying out all the number 1s…..I already feel like i’m going to regret this purchase

  2. how did this get made?

    • First an editor gets a creative team together. The writer writes some words. The penciller, inker, and colourist draw some pictures that replicate what the writer has written. Next the letter puts the writers words on the page in word balloons. Then they send the book to the printer.

      Voila, say hello to your new baby comic, Mr and Mrs comic book creator.

    • When ‘wangman’ asked “How did this get made?’, I don’t think he meant literally ‘how does a comic book get made’.

      NodNolan – you should really look beyond the literal meaning of things that people post and dig deeper to the true meaning and intent of people’s posts.

    • I fully understand that wangman31888 meant:- “I don’t think this comic should be produced and no-one else should have the opportunity to buy it because I don’t like the look of it”….

      I believe that it is helping him live up to his name. maybe he’s looking for a promotion up to Wangman31801.

      (NB I fully understand that 31888 is probably his/her date of birth and not his/her position in the legion of Wangmen)

    • NodNolan – I was being ironic with my statement

    • @Kmanifesto.

      aaaaand now I see what we both did there. I believe someone should invent Kenneth Williams style text inflections so I can spot two people doing the same thing.

      I hang my head in shame. 🙂

    • Both Josh and I officially endorse this conversation.

    • **Thumbs up**

    • neither of you had me fooled.

  3. I’ve been looking forward to this release all summer. I’m curious if Robotman’s story will have any foreshadowing to what the Doom Patrol are up to in the DCnU.

  4. I love Tanga, looking forward to Robotman (hopefully it’s more fun than the plain Lobo story from the last series), but Garbage Man bores me to death. 2 out of the 3 ain’t bad.

  5. I really had fun with this series last time. Looking forward to this.

  6. Ugh didn’t like this at all

    • Regretting the purchase, huh? You called it!

    • How can you regret this? It’s full of awesome creators. Kollns back to his old awesomeness, Lopresti! McGuire … Matt Kindt!

    • different strokes for different folks I guess

    • @Amircat because unlike you all those names you just listed I’ve never even heard of before reading this. It seems like a book for people that already have a connection with these characters and I am not one of those people. I can honestly say I’ve never even heard of one single person mentioned in any of these stories much less have an attachment to them. Maybe two years ago when I was struggling to find decent comics to read I would have given this book till issue 2 but in this new world of a metric shit ton of EPIC comics coming out every week, this doesn’t cut the mustard for me. However I will give it to you that the art was fun in places.

  7. Scott Killin’s awesome art is back. I loved this issue.

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