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  1. I hope this isn’t the last Muppet Show mini series, because I’ve enjoyed these a great deal. Landridge really encapsulated all that made the Muppet Show fun in these issues. Just really great stuff.

  2. Yeah, This series was excellent. Hope it continues.

  3. @Everyone

    I talked to Roger Langridge at Heroescon, and he said he’s going to be doing a series of minis.  While some people will be doing stories like Muppet Robin Hood or Muppet Peter Pan, all of his are going to be along the lines of this one.  He had a really thick accent, kinda mumbled, and it was loud in there, so I didn’t here what the next one was called or when it starts up. 

  4. this has been one fantastic series.

  5. A lot of fun. Nice to have good, child friendly comics out there. 4/5

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