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  1. how is this still being written? At least by brian reed? War of Marvels really sucked and as a result i dropped this book, which is a real shame because I would have liked to have read a spider-man Ms Marvel date issue but I really cant justify this book.

  2. I’m having much the same problem. I really dig the character, but I’ve also dropped the book.


  3. Love the character, don’t like the book anymore. Shame it looks like they’re going to actually kill her off soon…

  4. I’ve been enjoying the book.  No problem there… I just forgot what happened in the last issue… guess I gotta pull it and read it to catch back up… Moonstone went and killed her mother or something?  I forget…

  5. #50 is the last issue. I don’t think they’re going to kill her necessarily.

    This issue was a lot of fun though. 

  6. I’m so sad that 50 is the last issue. I really didn’t enjoy War of the Marvels, and it was just insulting that Carol Danvers’s death even never made it to any other title she was in before she was resurrected (which I am still trying to understand – will have to reread those issues back to back), but the arc before that was some of the best stuff I’ve ever read using this character. It was especially neat seeing the return Michael Rossi plus the confrontation with Marvel Boy. I hope there’s something else good in store for Carol and Brian Reed.

  7. Enjoyed most of this run and haven’t been a fan of recent arcs.  Enjoyed #47 but the art bugged the crap out of me.  Why were the last few pages drawn by a different artist? It looked completely out of place.  grr.

  8. This was an alright issue, but the sudden art change in the last few pages really took me out of the story.  I was debating dropping this, but with only three issues left I might just stick around after all.  I’m kind of sad to see Ms. Marvel go, but the book hasn’t had a clear sense of direction in almost two years.  There was some real potential when Ms. Marvel "died" and Moonstone took over the book, but that lasted all of two issues before Carol came back.  Carol’s death not being addressed in any other book didn’t help matters.

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