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  1. Love the Baby MODOKs, but not liking how Karla’s been handled here compared to Dark Avengers.  Unless something severly utracool happens here, I’m dropping this.

  2. I’m getting this and next month’s issue through DCBS and I think that’ll be it for me.

  3. I really hope issue 50 is Reed’s swan song. And he can take Takeda with him.

    I liked last issue’s guest artist, but the writing was as bland as usual. Surely there is someone out there who can do a better job. Maybe Paul Cornell or the writer on Agents of Atlas?

    Heck, I’d even take Matt Fraction at this point. 


  4. I like the title, but not enough to keep paying $2.99 for it.


  5. brian reed is just lame on this book. Is it any surprise he does no other marvel books (to my knowedge)?

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