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zattaric03/25/09YesRead Review


  1. Is this the supposed "death" issue, or is that tne next one. It will be a hard sell for me to keep up with Ms. Marvel if it isn’t Carol.

  2. Not happy with the end of this issue at all!!!  If this becomes the status quo I will be dropping this book!!

  3. no body= no death.  how long have you been reading comics now?

  4. This book put me in a strange place. I’m impressed that it felt so poignant to me, but I’m sad that after her one shining moment in Secret Invasion she got smacked down so hard (almost punished for it, even).

    Am torn: Hate Brian Reed for torturing one of my favorite characters, or love him for writing an interesting, complex story? Decisions…

  5. I’m torn between dropping this title and wanting to see what comes next. Guess I’ll decide next month.


  6. So Danvers will be replaced by Moonstone next month?  I’ll read it, but my interest in this title has been shrinking and the next issue will likely drop toward the bottom of my stack (short hand for "I don’t care about this book anymore and if I’m not thoroughly entertained next issue I’ll be dropping it").

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