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  1. I really was enjoying this book up until the last arc – the last 3 issues have left me somewhat confused as to what is going on with Carol Danvers.

  2. @torippu yeah me too and when is she gonna go out with spidey.

  3. The sad thing is, according to recent interviews with Reed, Danvers is leaving the book (perhaps even dying)? I have enjoyed this book, despite it being saddled with the latest event going on in the Marvel U. 

  4. i have gone from liking this book to almost dropping it to loving it.  but if they are going to get arid of Danvers i dont know if ill still like this book.  i do want to see the date carol has with spidy.  that could be intresting.  perhaps this issue will tell us why she isnt using her powers.

  5. Is this a good place to start with this book?  If not, what’s the fewest amount of issues to go back to get to the start of this storyline?  Thanks anyone and everyone….

  6. @magnum240  #31 began Carol’s "new life post secret invasion"  and the flashback stories we got in the issues following would give you a good background of what this character is about.  Marvel’s supposed to be getting rid of Carol & putting a "new" Ms. Marvel in this book, so I don’t know if you just want to wait for that…  It’s kinda bumming me out right now.

  7. I don’t really understand what they’re doing with Carol, and she was becoming a very interesting character just before Secret Invasion started.  All these rumors have me worried.

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