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  1. I would love to have a poster of this cover. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Yeah, not bad cover at all.

  3. The solicitation makes it sound like the Dark Reign time period. Wouldn’t it be ballsy of them to just go all out and slap that banner on this issue? It would sell like hotcakes…

  4. It will be interesting to see how they handle this book starting into the post-SI Marvel U without spoiling any of the Dark Reign stuff

  5. I like the cover as well.  Not so sure about the last couple of issues though – hope the book gets better with the stories going forward.

  6. Anyone else confused by the ending of last issue vs. the beginning of this issue? 

  7. @zattaric:

    I don’t care about that: THIS ISSUE WAS F***ING AWESOME 

  8. Anyone else find that Ms. M looked downright chunky in this book?

  9. It was nice to see Carol as someone different. You get to view her as a person/kree.  I love it when the mother asked why didn’t you just fly in. This is what I like to see in a comic book

  10. I’ve been enjoying Reed’swork on Ms. Marvel but this issue did nothing for me.  The tie back to her family is completely out of left field, and coming directly on the heels of the Secret Invasion events it felt pointless.  It didn’t do much as a character story either – it spent 22 pages of story letting me know that she’s emotonally detached, but in earlier issues Reed showed Carol having no trouble forming emotional connections with other characters, so why would she be so devoid of empathy for her own family? I understand that she may not have the direct emotional connection anymore, but most people can at least empathize even with fictional characters on TV, so why couldn’t she muster any emotion for these people going through such a deep personal tragedy?  And why does she have to kill Norman Osborn?  I think that I’ll just go ahead and pretend that I never read this comic.  Now if I could just get my money back…

  11. @ goat77  I agree this issue was pretty awesome.  Just still a little confused.

  12. so what if the issue seemed a little abrupt.  it was still good, and they will explain the ending of the last issue and why she needs to kill norman latter.  dont worrie.

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