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Mutually Assured Destruction.

“Nick Spencer gives each of our six teens a distinct voice, whereas Joe Eisma gives them each a distinct look. I think this is a case where one is not better than the other, they expertly mesh into a fairly flawless book.” – Newsarama Best Shots

“Verdict is that anyone that loved the Runaways needs to check this out. It’s a strong story with awesome artwork. This will be a book I will watch very closely!” – Eric Ratcliff, Comic Related



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  1. This may be my last issue.  Its not that I’m not enjoying it, its just that I feel like half the stuff will never be explained and with the other half the payoff won’t come for years and by the time we get there it won’t be nearly as great as I think it should.  I don’t know.  Anyone care to venture an argument as to why I should keep/drop this?

  2. @kmob181 – I’ve been having similar feelings, but last issue I felt was the best one since the first.  I’m not sure if the end will pay off in a big way or not, I’m looking at it on an issue by issue basis and seeing if there’s anything else to take from it other than the big plot.  At the moment I think there is starting to be enough character development (mainly Casey) and excitement to keep me around a while.

  3. I know we live in a time of instant gratification but this is a MYSTERY title that Spencer said he envisioned as a 100-issue or so maxi series. So when people say that there isn’t that much payoff by issue #5 I just have to shake my head a little, if you like the mystery and are interested thus far keep supporting it and buy the monthlies and see more and more pieces revealed and eventually begin to come together, that or buy the trades as they come out (and kudos to Image for their promptness, I’m looking at you DC and Vertigo!). Stay on or get off but don’t be too upset that Spencer hasn’t spoon fed you everything before the first arc is complete.

    That wasn’t just for kmob, just kind of irritated lately as I’ve heard a lot of people say stuff like that lately. 

  4. And if you want some incentive, Spencer just tweeted this: “Two books this week– first up, MORNING GLORIES #6! Big time twist coming, definitely a “they have a plan” moment.”

  5. I love that the solicit says basically nothing about the plot.

  6. @MegaPhilip  Thank you, that’s what I’ve been thinking.

  7. @MegaPhilip  – I may not have been totally clear.  The mystery element certainly intrigues me – it’s why I’ve stayed.  I don’t need to be spoon-fed anything.  The problem as I see it is two-fold.  The story thus far has been carried by the weight of the mystery alone.  The characters aren’t really that interesting so far.  Casey has showed some promise but the rest have thus far been one dimensional.  As for the mystery itself the problem is not that we aren’t being spoon-fed answers but the vibe I’m getting that a lot of this stuff won’t be explained because there is no explanation other than to shock the reader or take up space.  To me that’s not a piece of a larger puzzle but lazy storytelling.  If I’m right then we have a book with no compelling characters and a mystery, half of which has nothing to do with anything.  That leaves us with half a mystery and I’m not sure that’s enough to carry a story.  

  8. I think the same i don´t know i feel like some character development missing here, at least the next issues drop the price at $2.99 right?

  9. This is like issue 5 of a 100 issue series.  This is going to be a great epic book when it is all said and done. It is just a slow burn right now. I also read the Dark Tower novels and it is kinda the same way.  Nick Spencer is telling an wonderful tale that I will be here for every single issue day one.

  10. @kmob181  as great of a writer Spencer is, he really struggles when it comes to writing characters you can get behind. The problem I’m having with T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents is the fact that I don’t know who anyone is and they are all being portrayed as assholes… why put my time into that?

    Infinite Vacation was kinda the same and this is no exception. He’s a great storyteller but his characters are missing a slice of humanity that we can get behind… following these kids around for 100 issues sounds like hell right about now.

  11. I’m loving this series, and I think this next arc is going to develop the characters more from what I’ve heard.

  12. @origamikid Me? I find the characters interesting.

  13. i cant wait to see where the story goes. im gonna throw it out there, i think is gonna have something to do with religion specifically with the catholic holy  inquisition.maybe.i also think that the main characters are going to be the villains.what do u guys think? any guesses on where this is going?

  14. To totally sit on the fence I think nearly everyone here is right in there own ways about this book.  I think that the stuff we’ve had so far can’t be totally judged until it’s a bit further down the road, as it could all be just one big string-along that never goes anywhere and the characters might never develop into anything other than what they already are (either one-dimensional if or having other dimensions yet to be explored depending on your point of view) or it could all be a slow-burning classic.  I think we’ve all been stung by things like Lost where they claimed to have a plan, didn’t and then had to invent on half-way through.  Either you’re enjoying it enough to give it the benefit of the doubt or you’re considering jumping.  I was in the jumping camp until last issue which I really liked.  What’s Spencer’s track record in this kind of thing, I get the impression he’s newish and we don’t know if he can pull it off right?

  15. @RickyStardust  In the interview that iFanboy did with Spencer he said he had the whole thing down and plotted and something to the effect of that when you get to the end of the story all the details should make more sense and you will be able to see that he was placing lots of little cue and clues throughout the whole series.

  16. Rickystardust, did you say you get the impression that Spencer’s “Newish?”

    Funny, he doesn’t look it!

  17. @kmob181 – I think you’ve summed it up perfectly. For me, there’s really nothing to grab onto in this book other than the mystery which, to be fair, is very intriguing. It’s the complete and utter lack of any character development that made me jump ship. By issue four I was still struggling to remember the character’s names, which is never a good sign.

  18. This was interesting? A random look into the future? I don’t know. The art is getting better. I could see Eisma getting much better through the course of this series.

  19. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.  I didn’t have a chance to read #6 as I had to get back overseas.  I think I will have my store keep pulling them until I’m back for good in June and reassess.  Based on what I read about #6 in a couple of reviews though I’m not overly optimistic.  If I do drop it I am thinking about giving Thunder Agents a chance.  Anyone other than Origami – who has kindly ventured his – have an opinion on that book?

  20. Interesting issue.. looking forward to the next one!

    As for TA, it’s one of my favorites right now. Spencer is doing well with that concept. I think that if you get issues one and two you’ll get a good feel for the book. For me it feels old and new at the same time and I love it 🙂

  21. I don’t mind that “nothing’s been answered.” In fact, I am relieved to be picking up a book that does not say “part 1 of 4” or something like that. 

  22. @kmob181  Thunder Agents has been one of my new favorite books over at DC, I was really impressed with the whole package, concept, dialogue, story, art, etc.  Definitely worth checking out.

  23. Wow, I feel bad for anyone who bought this issue hoping for more character development of the Glories… I personally think they are pretty well developed for being five issues into a book, but this issue won’t have been what those that disagree on thatp oint have been looking for.

    Me? I loved it. I have no idea where the hell it’s all leading, but I absolutely love finding out.

  24. I think I’ve read this issue four or five times, I’m still a little suprised by all the new details that have popped up each time. While this issue doesn’t contain the psychological melodrama that I’ve come to expect from the series, it was still a good read.

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