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With one of their own in danger, the rest of the Glories come together secretly and hatch a plan to rescue her – and escape from the sinister clutches of the Academy together! The teacher versus student showdown starts here!


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  1. I’m looking forward to more cohesion among the Glories. I look forward to more of them working together.  Bring it, Spencer!

  2. here’s my promise to you, the ifanbase, i f i can’t find two of the first three issues this week i’ll get this as well. 

  3. Not sure exactly what you’re getting at Edward…have you not been able to get your hands on 1-3?

    This series has loads of potential and seems to be doing a stunning job of setting everything up. That podcast a little while ago with Spencer just made me want more! Also I picked up his Forgetless trade and looking forward to reading that. 

  4. nah, haven’t looked. going to look on friday 

  5. #1-2 are available on comixology

  6. friday 

  7. Love this book. Can’t wait to learn more about the main characters.

  8. This has been one of the best surprise hits of the year. Great book…

  9. @edward they did second printings for the first three issues

  10. And third printings. They still sell for silly amounts on ebay mind. 

     Morning Glories is probably the title I look forward to most every month at the moment, good read every issue.  

  11. @nicholas- The Unwritten is #1 for me but I still count down weeks until the next Morning Glories issue, so good!

  12. Really enjoying the mystery, but I’m ready for some more character work. Not getting much from most of the cast yet.

  13. I’m having the same problem with this book that I did with Ireedemable which led me to drop it.  I am just not connecting with the characters.  I have loved both the stories but I just can’t justify it with how my current cash flow.  You’ve got one more issue Morning Glories, please don’t make me do it.

  14. @Spoons – Ditto. This book has been downgraded from "Amazing" to "Pretty Good." It won’t survive next month with another issue like this.

  15. I really liked this issue.

  16. I hear that a porn parody is already in the works…it’s gonna be called "Morning Glory Holes."

  17. Oh Skydog, you ever been to Boston’s bar scene? It’s All Night Glory Holes…but seriously, this book, the art is grand and although the story is moving a tad slow, it’s still rather engrossing. I keep waiting for the crawl space creature to show itself…and loved the Lost reference!

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