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“P.E.,” Part Five

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Joe Eisma
Cover by Rodin Esquejo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. 34 original story pages in this one, still $2.99. We’re holding that price point as long as we possibly can, so support the singles if you can.

  2. I switched to single issues after the second trade. I didnt have enough patience to wait. The hour of our release draws near.

  3. Oh, Morning Glories…. Will you ever not be awesome?

    I’m getting so drawn into these six people’s lives. It’s like the greatest soap opera going right now. THIS is what serialised episodic story-telling looks like! I feel so sorry for all the people not reading this.

  4. Not what I was expecting as I was hoping for more of their ‘Hunger Games’ gym class. But the issue was captivating and just like one of those random episodes of LOST that seems out of place at the time, I can tell that a lot of crazy shit will come back to this issue.

  5. I’m very intrigued by this title. That said, I obviously read too many comics because I can’t keep up with what is going on in this book. Maybe I need to sit down and read all the issues back-to-back. I can’t keep up with who is who, what their motivations or histories are… This is very character driven, but I’m not connecting with the characters. I read so many books I have a hard time recalling what happened in a simple super-hero book the previous issue. This is much harder for me to follow and would probably be better served in trades, but we sure are getting the bang for our buck!

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