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  1. Love this. So many questions are building up. I mean where is this academy?

  2. i’m out, too many questions, not enough answers

  3. i got caught up with last issue and I love this book. It’s so complex but fun. I aim enjoying the hell out of the ride

  4. Thanks, guys. Btw- 32 pages this month, still $2.99.

  5. I still ADORE this. And after the crazy cliffhanger of last issue, how could anyone drop it?

    Though I imagine that this issue will have nothing to do with the cliffhanger… Tricksy Nicksy Spencer. Love it!

  6. I really enjoyed the last issue, looking forward to seeing where the cliffhanger leads to.

  7. I want some answers! This is good, don’t get me wrong, but 14 issues in I would expect some answers. This is why people dropped Lost.

  8. I want to give this book 5 stars on principle each month. It is just a little too confusing and cognitively disorienting. I love how we are seeing the same moments in the last few issues from different angles.

    I will defiantely go back and read this in one big run when it is completed.

  9. I really need to go back and read this from the beginning. I feel like there are a lot of small details I’m forgetting and missing out on cause I’m focusing on other aspects of the story. It feels at times like: “I know you’ve watched LOST and understood it, so I’m taking off the training wheels here. Ok? let’s go!”

    I mean that in a good way of course.

  10. Still really enjoying this. It can’t be beaten value for money wise. On the weeks where I collect this I do feel like DC and especially Marvel are taking the piss.

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