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MORNING GLORIES is a miraculous title, Nick Spencer has found the perfect balance between mystery and character and delivers a riveting comic that also has believable characters with realistic motivations.’ – Benjamin Birdie,


Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.7%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Last week the first 12 issues were on sale at Comixology for $.99 ea!! It was a total bargain, I’m hooked and ready for more

    • Wow! That is a bargain, but I’m dropping this. I just need more to happen other than introducing new characters. I barely know the existing ones. I’ll read all about this book, though, and bet this is a better read in trades.

    • IMO this reads much better in trade or in a bunch. I read the first trade and was hooked but I’m finding it pretty hard to keep track of everything that happens when I’m reading the issues. I dunno if it’s the wait between some issues or if it’s just the way it’s written but it’s definatly harder to get into.

  2. Agreed gotta drop it in favor of trades.

  3. This issue is 34 pages of story for $2.99, btw.

    • well done, as always, nick. when you talked to the guys from about stopping this series at issue 100, were you serious? If so, I couldn’t see anyone but Joe doing the interiors. He is just remarkable. Keep up the great work!

    • Enjoying the book. Thanks.

    • What’s up with that? You guys really should charge more! Or are you just making up for your Marvel books being 3.99? I wish you weren’t Marvel-exclusive – I will gladly read anything you write that’s non-Marvel, however.

    • If you like the story you should get this even if it does read better in trades. This is an awesome story and it takes time to tell and is also very intricate so I agree trades are more convenient. I want Nick Spencer to be able to finish this story how he would like to, so if it has to be cut short because people are trade waiting then I will be very sad.

    • It’s the first thing I noticed:

      “Man this book is thick, how much did I pay for this”
      *flips to the front
      “2.99! Awesome I love this already!”

  4. Art is stunning and dialogue is great, but I find myself needing to reread this title more and more as the series progreses. I don’t mind, but I should probably just save this book for the weekend. My mind feels like mush and I still have 3 titles on my pile.

  5. I totally loved the allegory of the Cave references (As well as Back to the Future II and Star Wars)

  6. Without a doubt best value for money comic published this week.

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