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  1. This was an awesome comic, insanely well written and the art was great for the tone of the story. I look forward to more from Keatinge and Elson, my POTW

  2. I took a glance at it at the shop, saw Morbius wearing a hoodie, put it back. If he’s not dressed like a reject from the rocky horror picture show, i’m not interested:)

  3. This was kinda so so for me, I just can’t see Morbius taking that kind of abuse from a bunch of punks. That being said I will give this a couple more issue because I enjoyed the art and Joe Keatinge is a very talented writer. Plus Morbius wearing a hoodie and sweat pants looks bad ass, like I just got out of bed don’t F with me Bad Ass.

  4. I’m pretty sure marvel is trading off the fact that most new NOW readers entry point for Morbius is the old Spider-man cartoon. It read like a young teen book written and illustrated by a couple of 14 year olds who were trying to be shocking. This was trite, boring and apparently colored in the 90s with photoshop 4. In a word: embarrassing.

  5. I will be dropping this. Just didn’t do it for me. I have issues #2 and #3 ordered already so if it gets better I will just pick up the rest in trade format.

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