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  1. Fun comic!

  2. @JJ:  I read your reviews for this book every time it comes out, and you always give it high praise.  We seem to have somewhat similar taste in comics, so I’m going to trust your opinion and check this book out this week.

    Plus, any comic that has the main character fighting Luchadores on the cover is sure to lure me in anyways.

  3. Moon Knight’s been consistently good. It doesn’t revolutionize or anything but it’s solid.

    Let me know what you think of it?

  4. I never read Moon Knight before this arc, but with Palo coming on the art duties i had to pick it up. The book has been awesome since. Well written and great art.

  5. I didn’t purchase this issue, but I did read it in the store.

    This being the third part of a six part story, I was little lost, but it was enough to convince me to pick up the first issue of the next arc.  And the art was fantastic.


  6. I’ve been enjoying the current story arc; it’s been entertaining.  The art’s not to my taste but it certanly doesn’t detract from the story.  My overall feelings about the Moon Knight series haven’t changed however – I still can’t figure out who Moon Knight is supposed to be (as a character) and this feels more like a crime pulp than a Moon Knight story to me.  I stll think that Marvel needs to find someone who can imbue Moon Knight with a unique and consistant identity if this series is going to be worth keeping around.  As it stands Moon Knight alternates between being bland and being unlikeable.  Not good for the lead character.

  7. I agree with that. Moon Knight needs his self esteem back and Benson’s giving it to him with this arc it looks like. Next step, nail down a central identity for Moon Knight. The flip flopping is fine as peripheral interest but I think it’s time for the character to become less ambiguous. Benson seems to know where he wants to go with this so we’ll see.

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