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Moon Knight’s startling true nature as a one-man Avengers team stands revealed!

Now, in the guises and identities of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America, Marc Spector wages war against organized crime in Los Angeles. But who is the Kingpin of crime in L.A. and how does Moon Knight plan to bring him down?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Alex Maleev

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. it’s a big week with Flashpoint and Fear Itself.  However, I liked the first issue enough to give the whole arc a go.

  2. This issue had better not suck.  One last chance Marvel, charge me $4 and then release crap, I am dissapoint.

  3. Didnt like the first issue and with all the other good stuff coming out I cant justify dropping $4 on this

  4. Underwhelmed with the first issue. I feel like I can already play out in my head pretty much how the rest of the banter and story will go. Bendis has gotten too predictable for me.

  5. Definitely going to stick around for awhile…Moon Knight is a character I’ve always wanted to get more into, but have yet to find a writer who handles a series focusing on him well. 

  6. I guess I’m still on.

  7. @froggulper – the Bendis dialogue style drove me from Avengers, but I think it might work really well on this book.

  8. I’m hoping to grab issue one as well as this issue and give it a go.  No idea what to expect, so heres to hoping its not a waste of my time and money.

  9. If you’re looking for a decent $4 new book from Marvel, you’re better off picking up The Mighty Thor with Fraction and Coipel than reading this garbage.

  10. @TheSquirrel  While I didn’t fall in love with the last issue, I think it was far from garbage. What did you hate about it?

  11. *HERE THERE BE SPOILERS* (maybe)

    It just isn’t engaging.  I’ve read every MK series from the original 80s series, through today.  They just haven’t found someone to write a really good story for him in a long time.  Vengeance I thought was really entertaining until it just sort of devolved into a bad batman comic (and even though I love my DP, his appearance wasn’t really necessary).  Garbage is probably too strong a word, and if it was a $2.99 comic then I wouldn’t have used the word.  The art was very good, butt he dialogue was meh.  The “oh yeah he’s still crazy” twist at the end was good, but gave very very little information for new readers.  I feel new readers are just going to think “oh shit, everybody left really quick” (as was mentioned in the PodCast as well).

    It also was just rather boring.  A lot of sitting in the rafters and watching people talk.  I found myself at times counting the number of pages I had left so I could go read something that actually stimulated me (which turned out to be Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends 3, but that’s stimulating for an entirely different reason).   For an inital issue, and something that is supposed to reboot an exciting B-List character it was just dull, and predictable.

    If Marvel is going to up the price on every new series that comes out, then they need to make series that are worth the $4 price tag. I haven’t read issue #2 yet so maybe that’s were all the substance will appear and it will turn into something I care about.  I’m not holding my breath though, and I’ve already got a couple of titles I’m willing to stick in its slot if it dissapoints me. 

  12. @TheSquirrel  The Mighty Thor was great last week.

  13. Let’s hope this spans out to become an epic run like Bendis’ Daredevil.

  14. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My kind of crazy. 

  15. kinda crazy, a little confusing. I dunno if i like it or not. The art is pretty friggin awesome though. My only knock is that once again it takes place in Los Angeles, and they don’t use the environment at all. 

  16. @Limitless  
    Yeah I am definitely pleased with the current Mighty Thor series.  Great art, and it fleshes it out enough so that someone who started reading Thor solely because he liked the movie (never really had an interest in him until then) can jump in and understand it.  Still haven’t read MK #2, should be getting it today or tomorrow, then we will see if I keep this series on.

  17. @PaulMontgomery  Yes! this is the kind of crazy i can get behind

  18. Crazy good.

  19. Being a newer reader to comics, I had never heard of Moon Knight prior to this launch. I’m in for the whole run, and I’m fascinated with the character as a whole. For my buck, this issue was even better than last. Looking forward to #3 and beyond!

  20. Got it, read it, dropped it.  Did the art get worse?  I thought to myself “hey maybe this sucks because you’ve been expecting it to suck so much.” so I gave both issues to my girlfriend and had her read them to see what she thought.  She didn’t care for them either, but pointed something out that I hadn’t noticed before; the dialogue is horrendous.  It doesn’t help that in both comics about 1/3 is just people having conversations, and the conversations read like Robbie the Robot trying to converse with R2D2.  The BEST PART about this comic is the sneak peak at Captain America #1 at the end, which I will be using to replace the hole left by my Moon Knight.

  21. Easily my POTW. Glad that Bendis can not only write a great story featuring Moon Knight, but portray his craziness in a way that’s highly enjoyable.

  22. Bendis has turned Moon Knight into The Cockroach from Cerebus. This is far more awesome than it sounds lol

  23. I thought the setup with #1- the “conversation” with the other heroes- was an interesting premise, but this seemed to drag it to a much sillier level. I’ll give it one or two more, but if this is just going to be “look how crazy this guy is!”, then I’m out. 

  24. I don’t think Maleev’s art is for me.  Really wanna love this book but just isn’t happening right now.

  25. The dialogue kept pulling me out of the story. And I didnt love Maleev’s art. Despite Bendis’s many interviews where he said the $3.99 price point doesn’t lose readers, I dropped all Avengers books, didn’t pick up any Fear Itself, and read this book in the store and happily put it back on the shelf. I’m voting with my wallet and holding the line!

  26. I got a kick out of this…definitely staying on board.

  27. I’m hanging on because I’ve always enjoyed this character. I have to say, I have no idea who that was at the end and was expecting more insight into the Ultron angle. Anyone else thing Ultron is just too powerful to be used like this on the black market?

  28. Marvel is just stupid!  They need to get good writers and a damn good Artists!  David Finch made me get back into Moon Knight…….he reminded me of Stephen Platt (where ever he is?).  But I dumped the book right after issue 1…..sorry I rather spend my $4.00 on something else.  Thank you very much!

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