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• Moon Knight Has Fallen Into The Abyss Of His Multiple Personalities!

• What Force On Earth Can Bring Him Back From The Brink? Enter: The Avengers!

• The Legendary Team Of Bendis And Maleev Bring You This Pinnacle Moment In The Life Of Marc Spector!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by Alex Maleev

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I’ve loved these covers and this story. I really liked this story and could’ve read at least another year of it. Not sure I’m as into reading him in a team book. He’s a team all by himself.

  2. Read the first few issues.

    Need to catch up on this before the big finale.

    Next issue is the last one, right?

  3. This series is ending and im okay with this because I was not blown away from this.

  4. does anyone recommend this run? the creative team was amazing on daredevil years back. i’m just wondering if it’s worth picking up in trade one day for that fact alone or if i’m better off with my fond memories of them.

  5. this was a refreshing comic for me to read. different. sorry to see it go.

  6. It is a great series you should pick it up it wasnt as vicious as the frank miller series its more marvel underground stuff, but im a huge moon knight fan and i thought all things concidered its been awesome. I hate to see it go.

  7. I suppose a year of mentally unstable superhero vigilantism is better than no Moon Knight at all. Thank you for the past year Marvel.

  8. The series as a whole was pretty great, this issue… pretty mediocre. Still sad to see it go.

    • I thought that was a pretty awesome fight myself. The indirection to get the Ultron head was well portrayed. The inner monologues worked well. MK taking off Madame Masque’s mask was also an interesting scene.

  9. I’m posting this as a big Moon Knight fan, and someone who enjoyed this book and this run. I hate to post anything which will appear negative, but I am wondering if anyone else was distracted by two details of this book. 1. When MK descends on Masque, what was his shield doing? If he was throwing it, why was it on his arm a couple panels later? 2. Was anyone distracted by all the guttural utterances in the battle?

    I’m kinda checking myself here, seeing if these caught anyone else’s eye, or I’m just a jackass.

    • The shield he’s using is an energy shield I’m pretty sure. I think it’s the one cap used for awhile. After you throw it you can recreate a new shield via the wrist gauntlet after a few seconds.

    • My memory was that it was a longer delay before the shield would regenerate. Just took me out of the book. I’ll.go cry in the corner now.

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