A loss of life! A loss of innocence! A terrifying return! Actions are taken and consequences are so far reaching in this SILENT issue that will have you holding your breath & leaving you speechless.

Story by: Jim McCann
Art By: Rodin Esquejo & Dan McDaid
Cover By: Rodin Esquejo
Variant Cover by: Sonia Oback

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.7%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Silent issue? So just art and no reading?

  2. So far I’ve enjoyed this. I think it probably reads better in trade, but every time I think I might switch, the next issue is to intriguing to pass up. Plus I enjoy going back and re-reading to search for more clues; I love a good mystery. Anyone know how many issues it’s planned for?

    • I feel the same, I keep saying to myself Im going to switch to trade but every time it comes out I pick up the issue. McCann says he has an endign in mind but hasnt said exactly how many issues this story will be

    • I’m not going to let you guys off that easy! 😉 Get both! LOL

      There IS an ending, I know what issue it will end with, and have written the last pages, but I’m not saying how long yet. Where’s the fun in that? Then I wouldn’t get away with as many swerves. Trust me, when the end is coming, you’ll know, I’ll make sure everyone knows!

      Thanks for reading!!!

    • Thanks for the reply Jim, and thanks for writing such an engaging mystery book. It’s good to know the ending is planned, and I see your point about not planning a specific number of issues.

  3. Wow, I really dug the art this issue! I think Esquejo is fantastic, but I was really taken with the change-up in style for this issue. I’m not familiar with Dan McDaid, but his style reminded me of Lemire, and I LOVED the limited blue, black, and white palette; I made the splashes of red and orange even more dramatic and purposeful.

    I also enjoyed the mostly silent issue, it’s a different way to receive a story and I thought it was done to great effect in this issue.

  4. WOW! just incredible. the story still comes across strongly and the feeling is just dripping from the gorgeous art.

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