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Lines are forming and fingers begin pointing as a clue to the identity of Elle’s attacker is found. Friends and families are strained, and a mysterious figure lurks in the shadows, ready to make a game-changing move.

Meanwhile, Elle’s struggle to regain her memory finds her starting from the very first memory she has-and it’s a shocker!

Story by Jim McCann
Art by Rodin Esquejo & Sonia Oback
Cover by Rodin Esquejo & Skottie Young

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.5%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Everyone should be reading this… It’s so fraking good!

    • Agreed, with all the great Image books this year I feel like this one is getting sadly overlooked.

    • Thanks guys! Feel free to Tweet/Facebook/tell your retailers & friends about it. It’s good karma! 😉

    • @Jim: My LCS has been pushing this book hard. Everyone who works there are big fans! Their recommandation convinced me to pick up the first two issues a couple weeks ago and I’m really glad I did!

    • Awesome, USPUNX! Please tell your shop thanks from me. If you don’t mind me asking- where do you shop?

    • @Jim: The Comic Swap in State College, PA. It’s been in town since the ’70’s, I’ve been shopping there since I was a freshman at Penn State in 2001. Very cool place.

  2. I really need to read the first 2 issues of this, damn my back log is way to big.

  3. I read the first issue but missed the second one. I do remember liking it very much though.

  4. Really good book, look forward to it every month.

  5. Amazing series so far. How many issues is this set for?

    • Thanks! It’s an ongoing, but I know when it will wrap up (so a sort of closed ended ongoing, like Y the Last Man was). Already have Elle’s story all mapped out, so don’t worry that it’ll travel into “making shit up as it goes along” territory. 😀

  6. I wasn’t going to grab this – I read the first two issues but wasn’t entirely sold on it – but that Skottie Young cover was staring back at me at the shop and I decided I would give it another go.

  7. Finally got the 2nd printing of issue #2, but alas, #3 was missing from my LCS shipment this week. Hopefully it arrives next week

  8. Another Issue, another POTW for me. This book just gets better and better.

    From the rich, deep and mysterious cast to the snappy dialogue and interesting array of visual clues, everything about this book sizzles. I’m really enjoying this ride and long may it continue!

    – Oh, the surgeon with the needle scared the hell out of me! (I am a world class needle-phobe). It was just this massive, unexpected double pager that came out of nowhere…

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