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  1. I love this book. It’s my favorite read every week it comes out.

    • Same here, Chadwick. An amazing book. I want to read his other work. Have you read anything else by him?

    • Not much, unfortunately. I hadn’t really heard of him until DC announced that he was taking over Frankenstein from Jeff Lemire, at which time I also learned that Kindt had sort of been involved with Frankenstein from the beginning. Since I LOVE Frankenstein, I knew that I wanted to try Mind MGMT. I have not been disappointed, and I look forward to reading some of his other stuff!

    • My favorite by far as well. Genius book.
      Read 3 Story, Super Spy or Revolver by him. All excellent stuff.
      Brilliant creator

  2. Very cool! I guess I’ll have to get the first trade of Frankenstein then! I am a huge fan of Jeff Lemire.

  3. Avatar photo P2 (@maudblog) says:

    My favorite title. When it started feeling too long between issues I just went back and bought more so I could put together duplicate sets lol. Kindt has a Wiki entry here if you’re interested in finding his other work:

  4. Really enjoy this book every month. Haven’t read any of his other work.

  5. Am curious about this since I’ve been really enjoying Frankenstein. Could someone give a one. two line summery of the concept? Also, can I just jump on, or need I go back to the beginning . . ?

    • Avatar photo P2 (@maudblog) says:

      When an airplane lands and all occupants but one are discovered to have amnesia, our main character – a reporter – goes on a search to find the one missing passenger. This is a story about what she uncovers.

      I liken it to a nice mixture of X-Files, Fringe, and Planetary.

    • Thanks for the summery — I picked up the new issue at the store today & enjoyed it. Now, I’ll need to fill in the first four issues . . .

  6. Love this book! This and Conan are the 2 books I really look forward to each month, and are a great change of pace from all the cape books I read

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