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As Meru’s investigation of MIND MGMT takes her to China and its ‘miracle dolphins,’ she begins to realize that the clues she’s been following have been intentionally left for her. What do the horrors she’s seen on her journey have to do with a psychic espionage agency dating back to WWI, and why does its most notorious defector, Henry Lyme, want Meru to find him?

by Matt Kindt

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  1. Got this last week, bit random. Still really good thou!

  2. Kindt is a great artist and storyteller. It’s not exactly my favorite kind of book, but it definitely looks good.

  3. While i love reading this series, it takes me over an hour to FULLY read every little detail. The nuances and easter eggs are endless. I can’t stress enough how cool this book is if you read, find and comprehend every little detail.

    • I agree, you can’t quickly read through it once. You need to read slowly and take time to smeel the roses. I also re-read the previous issue(s). I also like the look of the art, it’s so much different than other books.

  4. This is dense, completely crazy, and I have no idea what is going on, but I still love it.

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