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“The Futurist” concludes, as Lyme faces the Immortals in a battle royale at Shangri-la! Meru discovers the secrets of the Monks—and her own! The origin of the Hulk reaches its explosive finale! Plus more, in the comic that gives you your money’s worth!

“With so many dense mysteries swirling through these pages, it will be hard for readers to give up once they are hooked.”—Comic Book Resources

“One of the best things to happen to comics ever.”—Comic Bastards

“If you are a fan of mysteries, if you are a fan of Kindt, if you are a fan of comics: pick this up!”—Comics Bulletin

CREATOR OF 3 Story, Super Spy, Co-writter of JLA


Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Matt Kindt

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.4%
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I’m glad to see this is coming out because that means I can buy the bundle for the this arc digitally. How do you guys read this in issues? It would kill me waiting like that for this book.

    • How can we NOT read it in issues? Gotta get the content that isn’t reprinted in the trades 🙂

      Having said that… the vol 1 HC was beautiful. Got two – one for me and one to give away – and now my non-comic friends are coming on board (especially after hearing Ridley Scott picked it up).

    • Actually this series is one of the reasons, I am not going digital — I cannot imagine the watercolor art being the same without the texture of paper. Maybe, I’m just old-fashioned . . .

      Speaking of the art, what is it going to take to get this series into Panels of the Week? Do none of the head fanboys read it?

    • The watercolors/paper thing is something I’ll have to look at. Definitely calls for a side by side comparison. Also the digital books have all the extra stuff except for the back cover ad from my understanding. So I get the inside cover shorts. If that wasn’t included I would be tracking this down in floppies.

  2. I have been trying to get this series at my LCS, but they keep forgetting to order it.

    I know the single issues have exclusives in them that the collected copies don’t. Do you think it will effect anything and what am I going to miss?

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