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Thor and the Surfer battle on the surface of Mars, hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the ultimate Asgardian – Galactus War! And meanwhile on Earth, Volstagg is left to defend Asgard from hostile invaders with Loki as his only ally. Loki charges into battle bearing the magical gifts of the Weird Sisters that only he can see. Will they be enough? Can they save Thor? And who will survive…the rise of the COSMIC DESTROYER?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Olivier Coipel, Khoi Pham, Mark Morales & Dexter Vines
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, Greg Land & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I am loving this arc by Fraction. and the art of Coipel is just amazing. I can’t wait…..

  2. I’m going to give this until the end of this arc but I can already tell I do not like fraction’s writing. This and Fear Itself have been my first books by him and both seem incredibly disappointing.

    • agreed. i’ve even read an iron man book or two that i found just as disagreeable. i have considered buying this book to give the man one last shot for my loyalty, because so many people seem to love him, but have decided against it. i just dont get it.

    • I’m the same, i realy don’t like fraction writing thor at all. If you’re wondering why people like his writing i’d say for me personally it was the fantastic Iron Fist book he did with Brubaker a while back that sold me on his writing. I also like his Iron Man as well.

    • Yeah, I’m buying the book because of Coipel’s art, and that fact that Thor is my favorite character, but I have no idea why anyone is letting Fraction write this book. His dialogue is horrible and he has no idea, apparently, how to write these characters.

      Maybe he’s great at writing books about normal, modern-day superheroes, but gods, cosmic level beings and epic storylines seems to be more than he’s capable of.

      I think I’ll just ignore the text, make up my own story and enjoy it as a Coipel art book. Between this and Fear Itself, Fraction should be booted from comics, or at the very least not let anywhere near a top tier title.

  3. This has been a consistently solid book but I’m disappointed to see it tying into Fear Itself now. I think I’m dropping it after this arc.

  4. This was the issue that elevated the whole arc. Amazing art, excellent story with awesome action and cool character moments. 5/5 and possibly my pick of the week.

  5. I like this, I understand the criticisms, but I enjoy the sprawling epicness of it, and I love that Marvels Gods can do spacey rather then medieval. Arts amazing to 🙂

  6. Fraction insists on Thor using the word ‘hel’ like it’s used by regular people, it’s almost laughable. Did he do any research on how Asgardians speak, or is this his egoist version of it?

  7. Ugh. I can’t handle this anymore. I think I’m done giving Fraction chances. Dropped.

  8. I’m not grasping the disses. This book was badass. Best of the series so far. Fraction’s version of asgardian-speak doesn’t bother me. The old-school way is no less ridiculous. It’s just how the creator handles it. It doesn’t eliminate the characterization. Fraction’s relationship between Thor and other characters like Loki and Odin has been very well done in my opinion.

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