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The Silver Surfer has arrived on Earth with a message: Galactus is coming!

Thor is the only one powerful enough to stand against the might of the World Eater but he has been weakened from his journey to the World Tree! Loki and Sif join forces to protect Asgard on Earth, but can they manage without Thor?

The secrets of the GALACTUS SEED can not stay buried for long…

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Olivier Coipel & Mark Morales
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales & Laura Martin

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. On this for Coipel’s art, the next Arthur Adams in his prime, enuf to tolerate Fraction induced cringes.

  2. I really liked last issue but I would like to see less double page spreads.

  3. I feel thats like seeing a movie and saying “man that was a good movie, but I reall wish they had just used an 8mm throughout”  As long as you’re buying single copy comics double paged spreads work fine.  Jumped on board to this with a bunch of other movie lovers and was hooked.  Great early title to suck in those fans of the movie that don’t read comics, I already reeled someone in.  Cannot wait.

  4. Had a lot of fun with the first issue so I’m grabbing this one.

  5. As little as I enjoy Fraction’s non-Casanova work, I did kind of dig the first issue.

  6. The art is so so so good, but I need my Thorspeak. Game time decision for me, but I am leaning towards buying.

  7. Enjoyed the first issue a lot…my first Thor ever was the Coipel JMS run so seeing Coipel okn art just seems right to me. I love the way he draws Norse gods and his Thor looks great! Fraction is putting together a very interesting story. I am on board.

  8. I first saw Coipel’s art during his run on The Avengers with Geoff Johns. I couldn’t stand it then nor did I like what Johns did with the book. Now I like both guys. Coipel’s work has really been strong and this book is no different.

  9. i picked up the first issue because i was going to see the movie that same day so i thought i’d hype myself up a bit with Thorspeak, and to my surprise i ended up absolutly loving the art and now im looking forward to more of the same and with Fraction’s story telling, its a pretty safe bet ill b picking this up tomorrow

  10. This was fun as hell. Looking forward to Asgard vs. Galactus.

  11. has anyone else seen the cover to the next issue……..FUCK YEAH!

  12. I really enjoyed this issue, but I did have some problems with some of the first few two page spreads.  The first few of them, accompanied with the panel lay out, left me jumping around, confused where I was supposed to go next.  Other than that, it was good, and I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of Asgard vs Galactus.

  13. I’d be fine with no wording in this…Coipel & Morales are killing it!

  14. Fraction and Coipel are hitting their stride.  This was better than the first issue.  Great cliffhanger ending.  Looking forward to the next issue!

  15. Fraction’s Norse-speak sucks, he should just stop trying. 

    I thought Silver Surfer’s policy was to “find dead worlds upon which my master feasts…mausoleums to cultures millennia-gone,” as covered in the last issue?  I mean Asgard is struggling, but certainly not ‘dead.’  Feel like there’s a contradiction here, but the premise being set up as far as Asgard vs Galactus is an interesting one.

  16. *here there be spoilers*

    @Franktiger  Silver Surfer is the Herald of Galactus not the boss or the navigator of Galactus.  The energy spewing from the split Yggdrisil is going to attract Galactus one way or the other.  Since Galactus knows of the power, Galactus is going to show up.

    This issue is even better than the first, a great story and even better art.

  17. Knocking it out of the park two issues in a row now.  This book is fan-friggin-tastic.

  18. Love it, except it seemed to read REALLY fast…I got to the end and was shocked it was over already…I may be better off waiting for a trade.  Art is outstanding, and I love the subplot with Odin…

  19. @TheSquirrel  sure, but the impression I have of Silver Surfer is that he became a Herald so that he could guide him to worlds where he wouldn’t be murdering, and so that he wouldn’t have to deal with opposition like the Fantastic 4 when he went to Earth.

  20. The panel layouts are terrible. Who’s responsible? Writer or artist?

  21. If Odin would give him the egg Galactus would devour that instead. That’s what Silver Surfer was after. Unfortunately/fortunately Odin gave him the finger so this should be FUN! 😀

  22. I first saw Coipel on Legion Lost and fell in love. He’s one of my favorite artists right now.

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