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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! SALVATION Pt. 1 of 2 “Heir Apparent” THE AVENGERS’ GREATEST THREAT RETURNS! AND HE’S NOT ALONE… A rag-tag team of Mighty Avengers are thrust onto the front lines of SIEGE…with no one to lead them! And where’s HANK PYM? Trapped in Pym-Space with his greatest enemy, his sinister cybernetic “son”, ULTRON! A war on two fronts, a team divided, and when it’s over…not everyone will be coming back! Big threats, big changes, and the biggest Avengers surprise of them all revealed!

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILS: Khoi Pham
INKS: Nestor Pereyra
COLORED BY: Jake Bilbao
LETTERED BY: Allen Passalaqua
COVER BY: Khoi Pham

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. sad that there is no slot for Slott in the new Avengers status quo

  2. I just read 34, and am really considering dropping this title.  I don’t care about Pym, no matter what name he’s using, and this group of Avengers just doesn’t have any cohesion. 

  3. Well I think this is the one of the last issues, then the series reboot starts.  I enjoyed the series a few issues back, but it’s another title I feel has just been losing momentum.  Of course I figure if you know the series is ending, you’re not going to be writing any epic arcs.

  4. @owly what reboot? Do you mean an overall reboot because I’m pretty sure mighty is done, I beleive at 36

  5. This better be better than the last issue.  Slott is a fun writer and I enjoy his work but the last issue semed rushed.  I just hope this last two issues end the series well.

  6. I’m sad to see this go

  7. oh man, that’s right last month was the one everyone else hated but I loved and was a POTW.  nice

  8. @peterparker 18102, I’m considering the two new Avengers titles more or less a reboot of the two series they have going currently.  Technically not a reboot.

  9. Last issue was atrocious, but I do love Pym, and I will be sad to see this go. I have no idea how this is a Siege tie in though.

  10. I’m all for an Ultron story.

    I’m all for a Siege tie-in.

    I don’t like the idea of both at the same time.

  11. @owly thats what i thought you meant. it’s a shame to lose slott on the avengers though mighty has been very good!

  12. just read this issue, i think slotts just going to half ass the ending of this series.

  13. This was okay.  I would have loved to see Slott able to tell his version of fun Avengers stories, it just seems like too many things got in the way.  Fun while it lasted.  Oh, and the last page?  Holy shit!  (but what is with the hair?)

  14. i loved this issue, it crammed a lot of story in and what a cliff hanger!

  15. Interesting how Slott goes back to the first big villain of the Mighty Avengers to complete the series. I think Slott’s one of those writer’s who doesn’t wow you in a single issue like Mark Millar would (in the shallow and empirical sense), but give the man an arc and I’m beginning to see what people see in him. I’ll keep running with this ending, should the next one suck well then I guess he suckered me didn’t he?

    Ok below is a comment that is also a spoiler..

    Ewww. Underspace is so creepy. So, Hank Pym is basically saying that this entire time their mansion is on and in his wife in some far off dimension? There’s just no shame in Pym. Not one ounce. You’d think someone like Pym would know how creepy that even sounds.

  16. There wasn’t much connected to Siege in this issue, which is good considering my original post above.

    I thought this was really good: 4/5

    I love this idea of Underspace and the Wasp being there and agree with Mangaman.

    I thought Slott was going to "redeem" Pym, but Pym remains seemingly irredeemable and unlikeable in the Marvel Universe.

    However, he is a fascinating character in my eyes.

  17. ok… I’ve been getting alot of emails about my usage of "shallow". Let me clarify: I meant in terms of shockvalue and not at all "meaningless", much like Peter David, but that’s a whole different subject.

    @ScorpionMasada: I see what you mean about Pym being unlikeable. Dude’s in his own little world (pun unintended) and won’t get his head out his butt to care for his allies, the avengers. You’d think someone who was with them for years would get right back on the bandwagon like Mockingbird did after Secret Invasion.

  18. Pym and Osborn need to have an all-out battle for the title of who’s the most bat-shit crazy.

  19. This issue was GREAT! It was so continuity rich it made me drool.  It was so creepy from beginning to end.  Weird, Wild, Stuff.

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