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The Mighty Avengers are poised to join the Siege on Asgard, but first they have some pretty huge issues to resolve. THOR vs. the MIGHTY AVENGERS! LOKI revealed! Someone’s off the team?! The most insane thing HANK PYM will ever do (and for Hank Pym, that’s saying a LOT)! All this and more!

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILS: Neil Edwards
COLORED BY: John Rauch
LETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear
COVER BY: Khoi Pham

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. Anyone know the future of this book? Renamed? Renumbered? Cancelled? Jellyfish? I’m super confused with all the Avenger books coming out.

  2. I’m most interested in what becomes of Hank Pym. 

  3. @cromulent

    the book is done. i believe with issue 36. there will be 2 avengers books, secret avengers and just avengers 

  4. And now New Avengers.

  5. My guess is the Pym will head Avengers Academy. The excuse for reusing the premise of Initiative will be, that a Skrull, not Pym was teaching at Camp Hammond, and the real Pym will do it better and rectify his doppelgangers mistake.

    In any case, unless he is leading the Secret Avengers (unlikely), I guess he wont be leading a field team anymore. Too bad, it was great while it lasted.

  6. That’s too bad. I was really enjoying this book.

  7. I’m already tired of Siege and I don’t give a fuck about the Avengers book after it.

  8. This is an angry internets.

  9. @rockingeek- That’s the spirit! "I’M TIRED OF ANY COMIC THAT I HAVE TO READ ALL THE WAY TO ISSUE #2!  FUCK THAT!"

  10. @cromulent
    yeah I will miss it, hope some of these characters find a home

  11. Bah! I hate quick silver. Wannabeflashthrowawaycharacter. Totally just buying it for a good Thor beatdown.

  12. My opinion of Dan Slott as a writer has fallen substantially since reading this title.  Seems to me like he’s just phoning it in.  Lazy writing, weak plotting and ham handed dialogue.  This had the potential to be SO much better.

  13. this was quite a big disappointment.

  14. @zenman: exactly. I said much so in my review. I hope you enjoy, thought long and hard about it.

  15. @Mangaman – Your review was right on point.  Slott is a much more capable writer (hence the disappointment).  He should either choose the light/breezy/"comical" style (which he has executed well in the past) or just drop it all together and make this a more standard/serious/believable title.  He’s trying to navigate a course between these two poles and failing miserably at it.  Dramedy as a genre is a bitch to pull off well.  Ah well.  Back to my Grey Goose.

  16. = I’m sure he’s writing other things that MUST be better… I just can’t think of what that is at the moment.

  17. I have loved every issue of this book. It was my favorite books of 2009.  Issue #34 was a complete and utter dissappointment.

  18. holy crap! this was capital A- AVENGERS!  are we sure Roy Thomas didn’t write this? POTW!!

  19. Though this issue was a continuity geeks dream, the way some of the characters left bothered me. 

    I know Herc and Cho had to leave because of the events of Assault on New Olympus, and I guess Vision and Stature had t leave so everone could be reshuffled into the New Avengers teams. But what I didnt like was there attitudes. I dont think Pym built the machine to torture Loki,and EVERYONE was ultra quick to just decide he had "done it again", and bail.  It seemed rushed I guess.

  20. AlanRob-I thought they rolled out because he offered Loki a spot on the team.

  21. I’m glad this series is ending.. otherwise, I’d be dropping it. 

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