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  1. I haven’t been following this, so why does it appear as if our pal Clint is wearing the Hawkeye duds? Don’t get me wrong, that’d be great, but if he’s wearing them in this and not… ya know… the real Avengers book, it doesn’t bode well for Mr. Barton wearing purple in the future. I guess I’m gonna check this out for that reason, hope I don’t regret it.

  2. You will regret it bastrd.  You will!!!

  3. Glad we’re getting Sean Chen for a couple of issues.

  4. If I read a book for it’s cover I’d be all over this. I’m not a big avengers fan but it really looks awesome. That is a beautiful Ms. Marvel, Stature and Spider-woman.

  5. @KickAss
    Well, yeah, probably… but wait, you’ve pulled it too!

    At least  it’s not Khoi Pham on art anymore; I can’t say what it is for sure but any time I see that 1st cover to feature Hercules at the start of this series’ reboot (#22), I think "Gay Porn". It might make no rational sense (or it might make perfect sense, I’m really not sure) but that’s what I think every time I see it. 

  6. @captbastrd: The New Avengers books are notorious for having covers that have nothing to do with the interiors.  I don’t know if that’s the case with Mighty, but it would not shock me.  Based on what Bendis is doing in New Avengers, I strongly doubt Clint to be back in his purple duds this week.  If you’re going to your LCS, I would skim the book before you buy.  

  7. This book is just good comics fun.

  8. For once the cover doesn’t lie. New Avengers are in it, and Clint is shooting arrows.

  9. @magnum240:  I was also happy to see Chen on art duties.

    This is probably the best issue of Mighty since Dan Slott can onboard.  The last couple of issues were a little bland but this has been my favorite Avengers book this month.

  10. The scenes with Hank Pym were lovely, but I’ll be happiest when Slott is fully back on scripting.

  11. I’m not digging the whole slave engine storyline, but I did enjoy the interactions between the characters and Hank stepping up.

  12. When did Jarvis get into Alfred shape/hair color?

    Any time the characters were far away from the "camera", they fell apart, face-wise. Look at the page w/ Quicksilver and Radioactive Man; the female character who is all organge-y is makign googly eyes and US Agent is doing his best Popeye impression. It’s like the penciller drew the bodies all fine and whatnot (even if it did look like imitation JRJR at points) and then let a child fill in the faces for any far away characters. 

    Also Quicksilver did the same weird, right leg up, arms shooting something (?) towards the "camera" twice, which just comes across as lazy to me. 

    I’m glad Pym’s getting his thing with this Scientist Supreme… even if it is kinda lame. Also, why is he still whining like he was when this series relaunched w/ the new team?  I haven’t read this since then and it’s part of the reason I didn’t care about it.

    I feared that if Clint became Hawkeye in this, he would go back in to Ronin after the story arc, but now I see that, even if he actually tosses on the purple threads, Bendis can return him to arrow-shooting glory because, and I’m sorry to the fans, this is the throwaway Avengers book. 

  13. @captbastrd .. kinda lame??    very lame. Still enjoyable issue.

  14. Ick. Muddled mess. Boring art. Every character seemed out of character. Is this event really going to be the catalyst for putting the Avengers back together? Unspoken held so much promise and now I am throughly bored. And Pym being dubbed Scientist Supreme by Eternity? WTF with  a WTF cherry on top.

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