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  1. Ah the last chance issue.  Judging by the last two I’m issues my hopes are not high.

  2. Slott’s first issue was awesome.  The last one was a bit inconsistant, but still fun.  I’m pretty confident that he’ll bring it all home this issue.  

  3. Speaking of inconsistent, what’s up with Khoi Pham?  Man the last issue was ugly.  Count me out.  I’m dropping this.

  4. Depending on how this and the next issue go, I may drop this.

  5. I hope this issue is good and other people agree with me about it being good, because it wasn’t all that fun being the only person to really like the last issue.

  6. Done and done.  The art is beyond awful, until they change it I am done and even after that I’m not so sure.

  7. I like the group he’s pulled together for this incarnation of the Avengers.  I know it’s not finalized yet, but Quicksilver and Hercules are two of my favs…

  8. I haven’t been enjoying this lately, and with it’s connection to the Marvel Universe proper and all that’s going down in it seemingly fleeting, I’m feeling inclined to drop it. I’ve stuck with it since the beginning though, so I’m sure I’ll finish up this arc and the next, and then see how I feel.

  9. @kwisdumb– I couldn’t even finish the last issue. Purely plot driven, no character development. I realize 23 is the 3rd of 3, but, what a waste of paper and staples. DROPPED.

  10. @Denver – Fair enough, I definitely understand where you’re coming from. If this was a 5 or 6 part arc I’d seriously consider dropping the book, if only for this arc. The ending of this story coming out this week makes me want to stick with it for at least this issue and the beginning of the next arc, though. I guess I’m just a sucker, haha.

  11. I don’t know what the deal has been with this series. I have absolutely loved Slotts work in Spider-man and the Initiative, but I struggle to finish this book. I’m hoping its just a clumsy "bringing the team together" arc and he can hit his stride when it’s done.

  12. Get rid of Khoi Pham, get a better penciller!

  13. I don’t think Pham is that bad at all.  Its just that he can be inconsistant at times.  I think he’ll come into his own if given more time with this team book.

  14. Pham may get better, but why is he given that chance on an AVENGERS book?  Put him on a lesser book.  Avengers needs McNiven, Cho, Finch, Bagley, Yu, Deodato, Tan, and the rest.

  15. Pham is gone after this issue. The next arc is done by Rafa Sandoval which im super excited to see.

  16. @KickAss I think it’s a matter of personal taste for me. I prefer looking at Pham’s stuff to Bagley’s, Tan’s, or Finch’s. I get why people like Finch, but I don’t dig his style. I don’t know what about Bagley’s art I’m supposed to like. I won’t say it’s bad, but I don’t understand what’s super good there. I find Tan a little boring and kind of messy and I don’t like how his people look. Tan for me has as many negatives as Pham, but no positives.

    With Pham, I know it’s kind of ugly and inconsistant, and I know all the reasons not to like it, but it works for me. It looks good to me. Sometimes he has a boring panel or page, but mostly I like looking at his stuff. And I like how it looks with this colorist.

  17. Meh, I’m pretty sure I’m done with this. I had no interest in any of this issue.

  18. i am dropping after this issue.  i order online two months ahead of time.  after i read the first issue, i had already ordered the next two.  I have not ordered one since.  i have not enjoyed this at all.  i have also dropped the initiative. 

  19. I’m done after this issue too.  Just…ugh

  20. Once again, I liked this a lot. Thought the twist at the end was pretty great.

  21. I agree with Neal!!  I loved it, and the twist at the end was quite awesome indeed.  Parts were confusing, but overall I really enjoyed this issue and how the story wrapped up.

    Favorite cheesy line: "I’m Hank Pym! And I believe in myself!"

  22. I think Dan Slott is not getting the voices of the characters right, which is a bit of a surprise to me because I’ve loved most of his books.  But something about this issue was rather sloppy.  Pham’s not doing as well as he did on the first ssue of the arc so I’m kinda happy to hear a new artist is coming on. Maybe Pham’s not a monthly guy?

    I’ll give next issue another try; I def. hope it’s much better than this though.

  23. @gat0rl1vebeatz Pham is coming back after next issue, just to warn you.

  24. i too am dropping this and probably dark avengers as well. i was distracted by my cat in the middle and almost forgot to finish the issue. *yawn* it’s too bad, i was digging all the avenger books but at least i’ll save some money.

    i give the game of string chasing with my feline comrad 5 stars and will make it my POW. his opinion might vary.

  25. I gave this book a 2/5 (‘Average’). As I’ve said before, I’m sort of considering dropping it as I haven’t been enjoying it as much lately, but I’ll probably stick with it for a while. I like most of the characters featured, and although the writing isn’t the best, and the art is below average, I feel a certain connection to this book, for whatever reason.

    The ending got me a little bit excited too, as I think that could be an interesting direction for the book to go, so I’ll be keeping up with it at least through the next arc.



  26. I really wanted to love his book, but the writing and the art have been very disappointing. Pham’s art is very shoddy and I’m not too fond of his story telling skills. Slott’s is off… the characters don’t sound right and version of Pym’s character is awful. After three issues, I may have to drop this book and save 3 bucks. 

  27. Alright, I laughed out loud. This book was so much fun. And here I was thinking of dropping it! Now I’m enjoying it more than the other Avengers books! Sad to see Tony go (though it’s continuity-appropriate). Will stick around for a bit and see if it’s as much fun without him.

    Thank you, Dan Slot. If ever there was a week I needed these LOLs, this was it.

  28. I dropped after this, had a really hard time getting interested in this 3 part series.

  29. The last page made this issue, though any book by Dan Slott is worth reading.


  30. I like almost everything else Slott writes, but this book is dropped!

  31. Are we reading the same books?  No character development?  I really enjoyed this 3 issue run!  It was fun and nice to see the team come together, even with Tony being Tony.  How about Hank’s comments about ,the Tony he knew was better than this’ and he ‘seemed off his game’….skrull? or more likely Tony is rocking the bottle, maybe.  It would make sense after all he just went though.

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